Magic Salt Crystals

Of late, Dr. M has been pushing the Himalayan sea salt—pyramid-like crystals and all– $35 per pound plus shipping. This special sea salt is dug out from the mountain’s inner core, untouched by human hands. It is the location that gives it it’s special properties–nowhere else on Earth to be found.

He highly recommends a frequent bath with one pound per tubful for poison extraction and therapeutic benefits as a bonus. According to the good doctor, the salt has unique energy frequencies emanating from the crystals caused by the sun eons ago. It is very difficult to get this highly prized salt because it must take a special shipping route through certain countries to avoid customs—who are likely to confiscate it, thinking it is an unknown drug. Because of this, he says, “I may not be able to get another shipment, so supplies are very limited”.

Take all what the medicine man says with a grain of salt— and make sure you use a high-efficiency filter.


One response to “Magic Salt Crystals

  1. Alexander’s horses kicked up similar mountain salts, in what’s now Pakistan, about 2300 years ago. Being yellow-tan-rose colored translucent slabs or chunks, or pounded or ground into crystals, products created from these salt deposits have been continuously marketed ever since then, and are copiously available on Internet sites, for much less than $25/#. Happy New Year.

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