Our Journal is Still Half-Baked

This site is still half-baked. I thought it was set to “private” and not public. But, so unexpectedly, since we are getting so many hits and so many webs linking to it, I decided to keep it open to the public. We will turn up the temperature, and let everyone know, when it is done and ready to pull out of the oven. If you think it is starting to smell good, post a comment below to get it going.


One response to “Our Journal is Still Half-Baked

  1. Today, it’s starting to smell pretty sweet in this kitchen. I have added more kitchen gadgets and widgets, built a menu and getting ready to set the table. I can’t wait to ring the dinner bell in a couple weeks. Or, I might just whistle loud with two fingers in my mouth, and yell “Supper Time”!

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