Healthy Family Farms Busted for Cheese: Owner Jailed

AUG 3, 2011–This story is updated here with new news


Now it’s goat milk and cheese.

This just in today: The owner of Healthy Family Farms has been arrested and jailed. Now out of jail, Sharon Palmer is facing criminal charges for selling raw goat cheese and raw goat milk at farmers markets in Ventura CA. We will try to Update this story as soon as more information is known. Ventura Co. Star paper gives us just some of the facts.

See the beautiful pictures and a great story of Healthy Family Farms in today’s paper at

12 responses to “Healthy Family Farms Busted for Cheese: Owner Jailed

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  2. Ha ha ha . . . . oh say it aint so! Well at least Sharon has moved on to milking cows instead of milking unsuspecting elderly widows out of their life savings through mortgage scams!!

    Sharon Palmer (Ross) was arrested a few years ago as she was trying to enter the U.S. at the San Ysidro border crossing with three Mexican nationals in the trunk of her car!!

    She had fled to Mexico after scamming an elderly widow out of her $1 million dollar home.

    And this was AFTER she had already served a state prison sentences for swindling an elderly home-owner out of nearly $750,000 in a similar scam.

  3. Your point is well appreciated, John. But perhaps it is not the same Sharon Palmer– although their ages are the same.

    I assert it is unusual for a person to change careers from milking widows to milking goats; from an easy buck to a very hard one.

    If these women are one and the same, then it is also rare that the state had done a such a great job in rehabilitating the criminal — although into a “criminal” of a different type: an artisan cheesemaker.

    Nonetheless, although not well recognized, it is still legal for one to change; and we must not forget to realize the subject has paid her penalty. That is, if they are one and the same.

  4. It is the same person, she is still scamming people. Check this link out

    And this one, A Bench warrant issued for not paying a small claims case on 12/02/08

    Oh heres a new one, trying to scam the local hay dealer

    People dont change, just change how they rip honest people off.

  5. I suppose this is sufficient evidence, John. The State Department of Corrections and Rehabiliation has failed us again.

    But, all the above is inadmissable or the defense will claim irrelevancy. The point of law here is can she sell raw goats milk and cheese as in France and throughout the world and in California I might add. Whether or not she did not pay for the hay that she fed the goats cannot enter into the argument–lthough it does make the story more juicier and appetizing. So much so that you should make the Ventura Gazette readers aware of this page of news.

    Thanks for the input.

  6. First of all, before you go and start making judgments about a woman that you do not know, try reading into the facts. Stop blasting your cowardly comments about someone when you have no reasonably facts about what really went down. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves for making faulty accusations about a person who you do not even know. Everything about what she does on her farm is 100% legal, read the books. So do not make assumptions about someone who you don’t even know. It is was beyond ignorance and the knowledge that any of you bloggers can even hold yourselves accountable for. So the next time you want to make false accusations about a person on the internet, make sure you have the full facts before you start manipulating the court systems and be held accountable for defacing a persons name. Because that for one will not be held up in a court of law. Thank you for your understanding and I hope for your self dignancy that this will be the last blog written on the page.

    • Megan, I defended Sharon Palmer in the original story and linked to her beautiful store. I also defended her from Joe Slow’s comment that I seriously considered not approving to post. I take your comment as not directed at me. Also, I did not approve two other comments that I thought were derogatory.

      The Complete Patient did an excellent job of interviewing Sharon who says she took the rap of her husband who had skipped town. She was unaware of his dirty dealings and with conning the old lady out of her house. I happen to accept her story.

  7. I was just thinking about Healthy Family Farms Busted for Cheese: and you’ve really helped out. Thanks!

  8. The moral of the story, don’t mess with big agribusiness or you will get slandered. Stands the test of time that one…

  9. We get the excellent chickens at Victoria Park in Santa Monica on Sat. (sold by a Spanish man)
    Very interesting, this whole story.
    She may be somewhat shady, but I think the most relevant comment may be by Matt, above.

  10. i’m intensely skeptical of “pastured” livestock, because there is no enforceable definition of what the animals ate over their lifetime. It could be a large percentage of grain or pulse rations

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