Soft Drinks: America's Other Drinking Problem

Judith Valentine, PhD, CNA, CNC does an exquisite job explaining the dangers of soda pop, including the ingredients and the harm they can cause to our health, especially our children. (From the library at the Weston A. Price Foundation):

The addict feels low. His body needs a boost. He reaches into his pocket and finds a dollar bill. He slides it into the machine and a can rolls out. He opens the can and guzzles. He feels his energy return. His fix will last a couple of hours, enough to keep him alert for the rest of the morning.

The addict is twelve years old and his drug is a soft drink, purchased from a vending machine in his school. This addict and thousands like him will attend special classes, sponsored by his school, to warn him about the dangers of drugs, tobacco and alcohol. But no one will tell him about America’s other drinking problem. Go to the full article.

2 responses to “Soft Drinks: America's Other Drinking Problem

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