Where's the Beef?–Giving Eggs a Crime?

The latest release on Manna from Farm-to-consumer Legal Defense Fund has prompted another question not yet raised: “Where’s the Beef?”. This gives a new meaning to the motto of Dave– the deceased founder of Ohio-based Wendy’s. Perhaps his words are emanating from his grave. Nonetheless, where is the beef? Surely it was loaded onto an unrefridgerated truck (another violation) and to where was it unloaded? Was it dumped . . . into an unrefridgerated storage rental? Here’s more of the story:

Manna Storehouse Raid: It’s about Control

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Lorain County General Health District (LCGHD) have until about January 15, 2009 to submit an answer to the civil lawsuit filed by the private food cooperative Manna Storehouse LLC and its owners, John and Jacqueline Stowers (click here for a copy of the complaint).  The civil suit was filed in response to a raid of the Stower’s residence and the Manna Storehouse conducted pursuant to a search warrant by the two agencies and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department on December 1, 2008.  Law enforcement officials seized thousands of dollars in business and personal property, including over $8000 worth of the Stowers’ personal food supply.In the complaint the Stowers and Manna Storehouse ask for the return of all property seized and for an injunction against any further unconstitutional searches and seizures as well as an injunction prohibiting enforcement of the licensing requirements of the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code upon the cooperative.  ODA and LCGHD both claim that the co-op needs a retail establishment food permit to operate legally Full Story from Farm-to-consumer Legal Defense Fund.

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