GO NOW! Federal Bill to Legalize Raw Milk Shipments

Dated incorrecty. Actual date Jan. 28

Pete Kennedy, President of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund had sent me a letter today, as did he many subscribers and readers of the Journal. Why wouldn’t our readers in the all the other parts of the world send their “amicus briefs” to the guys on the Hill? Here it is!

Congressman Ron Paul has introduced a bill that would repeal the current ban on raw milk and raw milk products for human consumption in interstate commerce.  The ban has made it more difficult for consumers to access raw milk and has hurt the ability of raw milk producers to make a living. Passage of the bill into law would go a long way to stopping the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in its efforts to completely shut down the supply of raw milk.

To be successful, HR 778 must have co-sponsors.  Your help is needed.  Now is the time to mobilize consumers and farmers across the U.S.

For the background story and specific actions to take including the emails and phones of all Congresspeople, go directly the letter at the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. While there, why not join?

Readers can also chime in here.


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