Organic Pastures v. U.S.; Guilty in Criminal Case about Raw Milk Pet Food

In December 2008, Organic Pastures and its owner, Mark McAffee, a WAPF member, pled guilty to criminal charges for transporting raw milk as pet food across state lines. The largest raw dairy in the U.S., Organic Pastures is family owned and operated. The bone that the USDA had to pick was the issue that McAffee knew that the pet food was also being used as human food.

Organic Pastures claimed, rightfully, that the product had health benefits, “making it a new drug”, so that would also be a crime since it is not registered with FDA. But that is only a side issue, which McAffee decided not to fight. As part of the settlement, McAffee agreed to cease and desist its business outside of California, amounting to 5% of the total, rather than incur more legal costs in fighting the charges. An excellent summary is brought to us by the Fresno Bee.


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