Raw Milk: Endangering the Children?

Recently an inspector with an Ohio Department of Health suggested to me that giving raw milk to children can potentially lead to a accusation of endangering a child’s safety.

But here is a case, where a mother provides perfectly legal raw wholesome and healthy milk from her own cows (through the herdshare agreement) to her child in Michigan, and the father is using just that in divorce court to obtain custody.

David Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog and his commenters give the story and plenty of links. David says,”You’d think the answer would be pretty obvious—we’re talking about milk here, not corn syrup or diet soda or tuna fish, and we know that raw milk (not soft “bathtub” cheese) doesn’t show up on any lists of most-risky foods for foodborne illness.”


One response to “Raw Milk: Endangering the Children?

  1. I fed my sons raw milk from our family cow. They were scholar athletes, not succumbing to the various diseases* going around in the public HS they attended. (*like whooping cough that went through a sport team one was on.)
    They not only were on the sports teams but they were elected CAPTIANS of the Football, Track, Cross-country, and Wrestling teams, and earned divisional championships. They had beautiful skin, eyes, lungs and teeth.

    Milking a family cow was the best thing I could do for my family as raw milk was not available any other way. It is time for the laws to change and for “Big Dairy” to realize that the needs of the people are more important than profits or market share or propaganda. Let the people have access to wholesome foods of choice.

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