Nutritional Health and Healing

Here is a place to offer testimonies of improved health and healing by converting from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a traditional diet such as the diet promoted by Weston A. Price. (Ya know, like switching from hospital and jail-type food to the real down-home country cookin)

You can offer your healing testimony in the comments. This just opened this Jan. 3, so do not get too excited; it will be a few weeks until we actually ask for some of these stories for this section of the Journal.

3 responses to “Nutritional Health and Healing

  1. It has only been in the past year for me that I’ve truly begun to understand nutrition and health. About 5 years ago, my idea of healthy was getting the chicken sandwich at Wendy’s instead of the burger! And subbing a baked potato for the fries!! Zoiks!! So, I’ve moved beyond that – WAY beyond that and am starting to undo all of the damage. I’ve been extremely interested in herbal medicine. Basic things like licorice root and peppermint tea with honey for a cold or mild sinus infection. I’ve been successful with a bronchitis formula too! I also have a nutritional tea that I drink in lieue of vitamins in pill form. I got the recipe from a local herbalist in Wasilla, Alaska. She is the head of the Westin Price chapter up here. I’m learning so much about food and nutrition and health and healing. Simple teas can do soooo much to aide in healing our bodies and strengthening our immune systems.

  2. Sally McDonnel wrote under Raw Milk: Endangering the Children?:

    “I fed my sons raw milk from our family cow. They were scholar athletes, not succumbing to the various diseases* going around in the public HS they attended. (*like whooping cough that went through a sport team one was on.)
    They not only were on the sports teams but they were elected CAPTIANS of the Football, Track, Cross-country, and Wrestling teams, and earned divisional championships. They had beautiful skin, eyes, lungs and teeth.

    Milking a family cow was the best thing I could do for my family as raw milk was not available any other way.”

  3. Bridget writes in Raw Milk section:

    My two kids and I had problems with exema off and on before we started drinking raw milk. My son went through 3 different prescriptions, none that cleared up his rash. Since raw milk we have yet to have exema come back and its been 4 solid years now. My son was only 2 when he had his exema, the same time I intoduced pasteurized milk into his diet. I started suffering from seasonal allergies in my early 20’s. Like clockwork, every spring I’d have irritated eyes, ect. When my daughter was only 2 months old, she had the same signs & symptoms. Doc said its hereditary. However, neither one of us have experienced ANY symptoms of allergies since. Nothing but the raw milk has changed in our diets or lifestyles to make the extremely itchy, red eyes and sneezing for weeks on end just simply disappear. That’s good enough for me! But bottom line is, its our constitutional right!!

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