*Raw Milk Alert: Ohio in on U.S. “Food Poisoning Outbreak”?

wheel-of-salmonella_6001An outbreak of salmonella poisoning has been declared by the CDC and in the State of Ohio.  It contains a warning: “Persons also should not consume raw or unpasteurized milk or other dairy products.” Eggs and cheese are also being targeted, as well as meats. The state of Ohio is the first to be listed. (Cartoon courtesy of http://naturalnews.com.

You may access this story here.

My initial comment: This appears to me as nothing more but scare tactics. On any day there are far more than 300 or more people sickened by food in the U.S., it is in the thousands. These 388 cases from 42 states have been reported since September. That works out to a little more that 3 cases a day–on averaae. This is not an epidemic nor an “outbreak”. Government consultants ( and probably federal and state governments) are quoting 1 out of 4 Americans suffer from food-related illnesses every year. That works out to 75 million a year. How does this compare to 380 in 4 months? CDCs own statement of data show this is not an outbreak at all. This is clearly a manufactured news release.

One then must ask why is a news release like this from CDC being pushed as a serious outbreak. To me, this points to political propaganda to instill fear so that Big Food is allowed more control of the food supply and usher in new rules such as irradiation.

* UPDATE: In a report on January 11, Minnesota health officials say it is probable the outbreak was due to peanut butter. Cracking the case was “Team Diarrhea,” a team of University of Minnesota public health graduate students who assist in the multitude of interviews that such investigations require.

What say ye? Go.

More  comments to follow . . .

4 responses to “*Raw Milk Alert: Ohio in on U.S. “Food Poisoning Outbreak”?

  1. Maryanne from Ohio writes:

    You can take any or all of this information and do something with it. Call the Ohio Department of Health and ask them where all these infections are taking place. Blog about it, publicize it but don’t let their bought and sold media run the story with no comments from anyone else.

    If you are really motivated, request a Freedom of Information Act on all of the alleged information they have regarding this outbreak.

    The simple fact is if your body is in good health and you are a regular user of probiotics or probiotic food ( get the book Nourishing Traditions and understand how you can prepare food that is probiotic without taking supplements) then you have nothing to worry about. If your gut is filled with good bacteria, there is no room at the inn for the bad stuff. Get out there and do something about these “articles” and their fear mongering and tell everyone you know how long you have been drinking raw milk and so far, so good, you’re not dead yet. Why doesn’t someone come up with a bumper sticker that says, I Drink Raw Milk and Proud Of It. or I Own My Own Cow and Drink It Straight–get your creative juices flowing here.

  2. agreed. Plus I had a screaming case of salmonella poisoning from a restaurant in Colorado, when traveling, in November. It took their health deaprtment a week to call me back. The yutz who manages the restaurant said “it must be the salad dressing” not the obvious: it’s the raw, unwashed greens! There was no dairy, only seafood (oh, yes he said, “we get it fresh every day” as if that made a difference. In short, a bad case, having nothing to do with raw anything. harrumph. back to my raw milk, thank you!

  3. all the hoo ha on unwashed greens amazes me, i eat whatever straight from the garden and i use animal fertilizer! it may get a rough splash of water, but not often, i pull up a carrot wipe it clean and eat, All these greens you folks eat have gone through a processing plant! and triple washed for safety is the chant over here..ugh. its slimy and limp in a day or so. as to real milk, well i grew up on a farm and it was chilled is all, the best cream in the world is the scalded homestly, bar none:-) and after 40 years i still miss it.

  4. Folks: read the November issue of Acres USA because it addresses a case of a similar “outbreak” of food-born illness that the CDC tried to pin on a farm in Wisconsin that has 300 cow-share clients. There were 17 cases of Campylobacter jejuni infection. What’s interesting is that there weren’t 283 more cases of infection, and that the dairy’s milk tested negative for this bacterium.
    The sick people said that they had also eaten hamburgers at the local county fair, but the CDC threw this out of their calculus insisting that the source of infection had to be the dairy.
    If this is how THE major scientific organization of our country operates (blatant obfuscation of the truth) then just give me plain old common sense. If “Joe” the greasy-spoon operator at the county fair is dropping burgers on the floor and putting them back on the grill, I think I’ll just pass on lunch.

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