U.S. Court, FDA: Raw Milk Like Toxic Waste

chimpsLast Friday, a U.S.  court and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has essentially ruled that organic raw milk shipped across state lines for use as animal food must be treated like a toxic waste; otherwise organic, sustainable dairymen will face a $250,000 fine and up to 5 years imprisonment for noncompliance. The case, U.S. v. Organic Pastures, was brought by evidence that showed an undercover FDA agent had received a one-gallon shipment of raw milk for pet food in Nevada, of all places, from California.

On a similar note, back in the early 90’s,  EPA and DOT wanted to define milk as a “hazardous material” under rules pertaining to oil spills. This was because the definition of oils included petroleum-based oils as well as fats and oils from vegetable and animal origin. The dairy industry needed to spend untold sums to Washington lobbyists to prevent the hazardous designation. This relieved truck transporters of milk and vegetable oil from putting “hazardous material” signs on their trucks and to have special papers onboard. All of this so that environmental spill responders would know that the spill material was milk containing 1-5 percent fat. The rationale was that, in the event a milk truck overturned on or near a bridge, these procedures might reduce the potential effect on fish and other aquatic life. I won’t get into here how Coca-cola and other soft drinks would have been classed also as a “hazardous material” because of its acid content (pH), but something tells me that EPA and DOT won’t do it with America’s other drinking problem.

But naturally occurring unpasteurized milk has created more of a crisis for the chimps at FDA and other “protect and serve” agencies, in all of their infinite wisdom. Might it be due to the fact that, since ancient times, it has been a wholesome and nutritional drink for babies, as well as animals and humans?

For his timely article on the present situation, investigative journalist David Gumpert in his story at The Complete Patient received documents from the case directly from the defendant Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Company (OPCD). The documents, according to Dave, reveal the laughable conditions upon which OPCD can ship raw milk to be used as animal food:

  • OPDC can “only ship raw milk and raw milk products to end use animal facilities,” including zoos, research labs, and veterinary practices;
  • “The veterinary health professional or animal caretaker must have a legitimate provider/client-patient relationship with the animal to which the product is to be fed.”
  • Prior to shipping any milk, OPDC must provide to the FDA’s San Francisco office assorted information about the recipient, including the “identity of each animal to which the raw milk or milk products will be fed and a declaration that the consignee has a legitimate provider/client-patient relationship with the animal to which the product is to be fed.”
  • Milk recipients must “keep records of all use and disposition of raw milk and raw milk products received from OPDC.”
  • Recipients must “destroy or return to OPDC any unused product…(and) provide OPDC with documented accounting of all quantities destroyed within 15 days of destruction…”

With up to five years imprisonment and up to $250,000 fine for noncompliance, I think it is safe to say the Mark McAffee is out of business of the interstate shipment of quality pet food.

Something else is leaving a sour taste in my mouth, because Augie does not recall if FDA pursued the U.S. food manufacturer’s of baby formula and countless other food items using Chinese milk solids intentionally laced with melamine, a toxic compound– even though they have set up quality control offices in China. Have you?

Now I am convinced that Albert Einstein was correct when he stated, “There are only two things that are infinite; the universe and the stupidity of man, and I am not certain of the former.”

Of course, The Journal is now open for your comments on this important new development.

11 responses to “U.S. Court, FDA: Raw Milk Like Toxic Waste

  1. How did the human race make it to 3 billion and until the last 100 years with out pasturized milk if the raw product is so dangerous? I never drank anything but raw until I started school and have be back on raw since 2001. For about the last year, I have been unable to have my daily glass or two, and have had a host of health problem return. I will be so happy when my cow freshens again.


  2. We all know the bottom line is the almighty “buck” in regards to competition and who is bought and paid for. The FDA doesn’t give a hoot ‘n nanny about safe, pure, wholesome food for they are in cohoots with Big Pharma and the Land grant colleges that teach about chemical farming and only drug treatments. Just look at the revolving door for Government department head in these different places like FDA, DOD, CDC, etc. Let the Farm be your Farmacy. Don’t let “them” dumb us down further. Fight for Liberty and Freedom.

  3. “For about the last year, I have been unable to have my daily glass or two, and have had a host of health problem return. I will be so happy when my cow freshens again.”

    Sounds like your “normal” diet is problematic if you have health problems when you don’t drink one or two glasses of raw milk a day. What foods do you eat besides raw milk? Maybe you should think about changing some things.

  4. The WFMC (world-famous Mayo Clinic) is unarguably a reputable and cutting-edge organization. I wonder if all the brilliant medical professionals that help to change so many people’s lives that work there understand the role of raw milk in it’s heritage?? Because, hey, this “hazardous waste” was used to TREAT medical conditions by one of it’s very founders. Yeap, that’s right…………milk.

    And why aren’t Californian’s that are able to buy raw milk in the store not dropping like flies due to poisoning?

    I know, let’s bring back those Mr Yuck stickers! That’ll do the trick…….

  5. Again, another travesty on the American people. And the FDA announced last month that certain levels of melamine is safe for baby’s formula. Why and how could masking the inferior content of protein be acceptable for any reason. Only because of the payoff. When will we demand a complete overhaul of the FDA?

  6. Lets see how much of our taxpayers money the gov. can spend on stupid and rediculous control measures and fabricating flawed milk reports to back up the need for such heavy regulations while depriving U.S. citizens of freedom to eat foods that the individual knows will make them healthy!

  7. Monsanto and its minions are behind all policies against raw, organic, and family farm-grown and produced foods. The best way to deal with them is to find out how much political contribution (read that “bribe”) money our politicians receive from them and organize to remove them from office.

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  9. Catherine Clark, Illinois

    I am all for an overhaul of the FDA. It is an organization that flagrantly does NOT protect the people. Instead, it protects industries that have harmful practices. The recent egg recall and recall of meats sold at Walmart are proof of that.

  10. The FDA is not out to get you, as a percentage of drinkers of milk, those who consume raw milk are much more likely to contract food-borne pathogens from milk than those that drink pasteurized milk, this is the near universal concensous of the scientific community on the matter, the costs of instituting standards and practices that reduce those risks is very cost prohibitive, so it is far cheaper for the FDA to work against the practice, they have limited resource that are likely to be further eroded. If you want Raw Milk, buy a cow and enjoy, if you want to sell raw milk, get some great liability insurance. Here is a great supporting point from the NIH, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19737059.

    A plot between land grant colleges and the government, to keep raw milk away from the people, seriously…seriously, testing can be done, and has been done, if you want to engage in unbiased testing of the benefits and costs of raw v. pasteurized milk please do, but it is very expensive to do correctly, and you will likely find the same results that have been found prior. This testing is done at land grant colleges because they are state supported institutions, where one of their goals is the improved safety of the population of that state, they also have to resources and equipment to conduct their testing in a way that is seen as unbiased by the overall scientific community.

    • I appreciate your comment; however since only one death from raw milk has occurred in 12 years and whereas 6000 per year dies of food poisoning from food each year, the effort to ban raw milk is totally is close to insanity, given the fact that 500,000 people die each year prematurely due to medical errors/drug interactions etc.

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