Globe and Mail Reports on Raw Milk Court

Kate Hammer of the Toronto Globe and Mail hammers out on what could be a landmark victory in Canada and a good basis for defense in the U.S on the raw milk trial of farmer Michael Schmidt.  Mark is a member of Weston A. Price Foundation. To keep up and learn the results of the trial, bookmark The Bovine. Here is an intro to her article.   Kate’s full article.

milk0313“NEWMARKET, ONT. — Ontario’s dairy dissenter, Michael Schmidt, told a packed courtroom yesterday that the laws that criminalize the sale of raw milk compromise rights protected by Canada’s Constitution and are therefore invalid.

Mr. Schmidt faces 20 charges relating to the “cow share” program he operates from his dairy farm in Durham, Ont., near Owen Sound. Drained of funds after 15 years of battling the provincial government over the sale of unpasteurized products, Mr. Schmidt represented himself at his trial, which began yesterday in Ontario Court in Newmarket.

Kate’s full article.

4 responses to “Globe and Mail Reports on Raw Milk Court

  1. My grandfather was a Saskatchewan farmer,
    consequently until we moved west, we all drank raw milk. Naturally, most of us were naturally healthy, strong farm stock.
    But, city life and the scare of raw milk introduced by vendors of pasteurized milk caused many of us to doubt our common sense and use only pasteurized/homogenized milk products —we thought we were playing it safe by drinking recommended pasteurized milk and today many of us are sorry.
    We trusted not only the the Health Nurse but the local and national government as well who advised especially new Mothers on the care and nurture of our babies.
    We must wise up and educate ourselves to the value of healthy foods and its sources.
    UNDER ALL IS THE LAND is the answer; it’s all there—use the land wisely—it serves one well.
    To Ontario farmer, Michael Schmidt, never give up!
    Think of the Surfer who gets up ONE last time and succeeds; that’s the measure of success.
    Never give up!
    You are not alone; we are with you with our prayers, our hopes and our dreams for a better and healthier life.

  2. Where is our freedom of choice? I want the freedom to choose for myself if I want to risk (or improve) my health and consume something that has not been pasteurized or approved by some government health agency.

    The least they could do is allow producers to sell raw produce with a warning saying “consume at your own risk” then the consumer can decide for him/herself if they want to consume that product.

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