VIDEO—Vaccine Nation: Mass Vax Here

UPDATE: NY Schools attorney David Cohen cross examines New York parents about their belief in God; the couple applied for a waiver to refuse vaccines. This is just 9 min of a total of 90 in this second session that meets all the definitions of child and adult abuse. This undercover video is so controversial it was taken off youtube three times affecting at least 100 website links. However, it was saved by this site where you can see it:

Intense vaxPsychological Interrogation of Personal Religious Beliefs in NY Public Schools over Vaccinations

The video below proves it, to receive an exemption from vaccinations in New York schools requires parents to attend private “interview sessions” which is the sanitized word for lengthy psychological torment sessions to examine their religious convictions.

NY School attorney David Cohen does New York. My, my: and we have every justification to question the brand and basis of his religion and convictions, bless his heart.

The startling New York show has already received the 2009 Orwellian Award offered annually by our own Kimberly Hartke at HartkeisOnline. The Award winner recognizes those who exemplify the characters and government depicted by George Orwell’s reality-based novel 1984 and Animal House (or is it Animal Planet).

Caught on video, the severe interrogations of parents in New York public schools over vaccine immunizations is enough alone to make one sick. This verbal and mental abuse of parents paid for and sponsored by schools doesn’t surprise me one bit. The schools have had decades of practice with the legal child abuse, although it is a softer form: a gradual and deliberate dumbing down to create obedient units of production. (thanks to the U.S. Department of Education and their friends at United Nations UNESCO unit. By the way, just ask and join the Home School Legal Defense Fund, as you wisely move your children into the Home School or Montersorri mode, or into the some of the charter schools.)

At first I thought the Cohen was a screaming jerk bordering on institutionalization. But I got real thankful for his presentation, and the courageous parents, as he most eloquently brings the nation’s attention to the severity of punishments parents receive when they act on their right to refuse vaccinations. The parents do this in order to avoid the high rate of neurological damage which is, of course, known throughout the health care system and the watchdog agencies.

Before you roll this flick, I want to point out other news. Nearly half the nurses and doctors providing flu shots also refuse to take them. The study was published in January by the Journal of Infectious Disease Control. (Yes, the flu in being called a disease, not by the Journal, but by the public health care industry now.).

It does not surprise me, because a few years ago the Tampa, Florida newspaper received internal CDC meeting notes concerning data showing severe reactions from vaccinations. At that time, some CDC committee members were said to have refused to have their children and grandchildren vaccinated.

Parents and doctors all over the U.S. blame the shots for causing autism. Neurological damages have for decades been recognized by the health care industry, including the alphabet soup of federal agencies such as the CDC, FDA and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. There are those in each of those agencies who do not take the shots and refuse them for their children.

But what would you expect when vaccines have contained mercury (and many still do) along with aluminum, formaldehyde and other biological and chemical contaminants.

As the standard mantra from departments of health is that the vaccines are safe and a little soreness is to be expected, hoards are refusing them. This is why they say the low rates of immunization is considered a public health threat, go figure. But this article is not about health effects, for which I am not qualified to have an opinion on, they’ll say, because I only have 35 years in the environmental, health and safety field.

This article is about religious, or more broadly philosophical freedom. And that my friends I do have qualifications and credentials. That’s because my credentials and opinion will be called biased and irrelevant, because I am a parent of a very severely impaired son with autism and other neurological impairments– and I know many, many others that have autistics, ASD and other mental disablements.

This article is about freedom, civil rights and the right for parents to choose and the right to hold an opinion without being severely judged and psychologically harrassed by so-called school and health authorities. After rolling the video, stay tuned for actions you may take and some helpful suggestions to implement the mission should you choose to accept it.

NY Schools attorney David Cohen cross examines New York parents about their belief in God; the couple applied for a waiver to refuse vaccines. This is just 9 min of a total of 90 in this second session that meets all the definitions of child and adult abuse. This undercover video is so controversial it was taken off youtube three times affecting at least 100 website links. However, it was saved by this site where you can see it:

In the State of NY, a religious exemption is the only way to opt out of vaccines you don’t deem necessary or safe for your child, unless you qualify for a medical exemption, which is nearly impossible to receive, due to pressure on doctors.  To address this unconstitutional practice, a new bill is about to be presented to the floor of the NY State Assembly.  It’s presentation to lawmakers is generally accompanied by “Memorandums of Support” (bill memos) from concerned citizens and groups.  The impact that these bill memos have is enormous, as all assembly persons are provided copies of all bill memos when they receive their bill packets, prior to the bill’s presentation on the Assembly floor.  Please join the parents of NY in support of legislation to end this abusive scrutiny of conscience.

Here is the action you need to take, not only in the state of NY, but actions by those in other states and individuals, as well as our readers from countries worldwide, including Africa. Let’s give Big Pharma and their partners in within FDA, CDC, and HHS a dose of their own medicine

But before we go, I must tell our readers, not to judge or opine too harshly upon the staffs within our government and drug companies. They most certainly do many wonderful things for us (and they do). That is because their are many very fine people in those orgs, and former employee and scientists, who are trying to help– before things really get out of control– mass vax for the vaccine nation.

ACTION TO TAKE I refer you to this foundation.

13 responses to “VIDEO—Vaccine Nation: Mass Vax Here

  1. They pulled it..go figure..

  2. Hey
    augie-the George Orwell Award (The Un-Wellie) is not annual–I reserve the right to give it out any time it is warranted…and the state of Ohio may just be next!


  3. It is very simple sir….
    You are assuming quite a bit when you say that the discovery of vaccinations was God-given.
    Mankind has the ability to create many things that may not come from God. Nuclear weapons and other forms of mass murder spring to mind.
    I doubt that God inspired such insanity from the hearts of Man. Simply because we have the ability to create something does not make it good or right in the eyes of God or the world at large. YOUR logic sir is deeply faulted.

  4. This Cohen is one rude motherf***er and I am sooo glad this was recorded on video for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE what jackasses operate our government internment camps, er, I mean, public school education.

  5. It’s “Animal Farm”.

  6. If the video has been removed–it keeps going back and forth, I have re-uploaded a portion of it. Please help spread this video far and wide and copy it if you know how (LEARN). LINK:

  7. LINK: If the video gets pulled again, you can get it again there. (COPY IT FOLKS)

  8. Great story Augie. Vaccination is another of those front-line issues wherein medical “Nazis” try to impose their ideology on everyone.

    And they’re going to say that everyone needs to be vaccinated in order for the vaccines to work. You gotta wonder what they mean by “work”? Is the work of vaccines to sterilize kids, cripple their immune systems, dumb them down and create repeat customers for the pharmaceutical industry? Well then, I guess whoever’s behind this would like those vaccines to “work” on everyone — except maybe themselves.

    I managed to not vaccinate my kids until they were maybe 10 or 12, and then only for tetanus. But I was going against strongly offered medical advice in doing so.

    I can well imagine that people without strong convictions on the subject could be easily swayed by doctors who seem so sure about what they’re saying.

    And as you mention (maybe in a later post) the fact that so many medical professionals don’t go for the flu shot personally is a telling statistic. Wonder how things are going in that hospital in Alaska where they made it compulsory for all staff to get the flu shot.

    In Ontario Canada where I live, some friends of mine worked hard in the 1980s to see that the government included an exemption for “conscientious objection” in addition to the one for “religious reasons” when Compulsory Vaccination of Schoolchildren legislation was being passed.

    Of course, from what I’ve heard, schools don’t tell parents about this. They need to find out on their own that such an exemption exists.

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  10. This is just sick. However, there is a way out if you are willing to fight for your rights.

    The fact is that most of us have signed on as shareholders in the corporate fiction that is the United States of America, Inc. (aka the Federal government), and thus offered up our children as property of the state to do with as they wish via documents such as the Birth Certificate, Marriage License (marriage is a RIGHT, not a priviledge), etc. Before you decide to ignore what I am saying as some kind of outlandish theory, please have a look at this video:

    It is a taped presentation on this subject by a very well spoken British man who lays it all out in very simple to understand terms, and while he may be British, the same thing applies here in America as well as much of rest of the western world.

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  12. The Vaccination clip has been removed.
    17th april 12.04( eastern aussie time) am 2009
    Some guff about violating terms of use??
    Now if you had any doubts at all…………
    Big Brother IS watching us:-)
    along with big pharma+big ag,

    I had a perfectly healthy pup develop blindness and a neurological disease, within a month of his booster vaccination.
    Vets at least will admit it happens, Doctors won,t.

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