VIDEO–Million Dollar EPA/COE Fine for Growing Cranberries Legally! Crime? Moving Dirt

I have been an avid admirer of charitable PLF for property rights legal defense for over ten years, including individuals. They rock. I was extremely blessed by hearing from PLF today about courageous Charlie Johnson.

Not long ago, I spoke with PLF attorneys and they assured me if I had a client with a qualified big beef with government takings, they would consider taking the case all the way to the U.S. Supremes.

Sorry Charlie, but you give us a wonderful example of illegal government confiscation, which will assist farmers nationwide. Be lifted with that. Thank you Charlie and PLF.

Published just 8 hours ago, this is a must see.

ALL READERS FORWARD : Ohio, Illinois, West Virgina, Indiana, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Michigan . . . and, what the heck, all farmers nationwide.

Dear Augie,

Meet Pacific Legal Foundation client Charlie Johnson—a hero for the cause of property rights. He grows cranberries on land that his family has farmed since the 1920s. Suddenly, five years ago, federal regulators persuaded a court to hit him with more than $1 million in fees and fines. His “crime”? Not getting federal permission before he moved some dirt—on his own property! The feds are twisting the Clean Water Act to rationalize their outrageous power play. Under U.S. Supreme Court precedent, they have no business dictating where Charlie Johnson locates cranberry bogs on his own land. Charlie and his family have vowed not to give in. The new “Charlie Johnson Legal Defense Fund” will help PLF defend the Johnsons, and other victims of abusive bureaucrats across the country. By standing up to oppressive government power, Charlie Johnson is fighting for all of us. 

Established in 1973, Pacific Legal Foundation is a pro freedom public interest legal organization – the oldest and, in the words of the Washington Post, “perhaps most influential” organization of our kind. We’re the nation’s leading litigator for property rights, individual liberty, limited government, and a balanced approach to environmental protection. PLF is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

SEE THE VIDEO and Go to the full story and learn about PLF.

One response to “VIDEO–Million Dollar EPA/COE Fine for Growing Cranberries Legally! Crime? Moving Dirt

  1. If more people don’t start doing what Charlie is doing – and by the same token SUPPORTING people like Charlie, we are all in for a world of hurt.

    This is not the only abuse the government is perpetrating on farmers. NAIS will all but destroy them, will gut the local food movement, obliterate organics, and consolidate all food production (produce as well as livestock) into the hands of the few that most of us would rather not buy from in the first place.

    Raids on people like Charlie are happening with alarming frequency, as are raids on coops, and other ventures offering high quality, but playing against corporate ag.

    Charlie – our hearts and minds go out to you…

    And I will get this to everyone I can.


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