Vaccination Truths & Myths

Refuse Vaccinations?

I was very pleased to have corresponded with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny today. She has the story behind vaccinations. I have known of and been a fan of hers for about six years. She is the one that exposed me to the bird flu–The Bird Flu Hoax, that is.


State and Local Health Authorities Parroting CDCs and FDAs Bird Flu Hoax to Ohio Connections Member

(The bird fu hoax was necessary to scare the public and to provide the funds to justify and secretly set up a national program leading to mass vaccinations–starting with the children–all parroted by most public health authorities. Mad Cow is another story– relating to Animal ID programs)

Dr. Tenpenny, whose practice called OsteoMed, located near Cleveland, Ohio, was previously was Director of Emergency Services at the hospital in my “hometown” of 19 years, Findlay, Ohio. She is also Interim Executive Director of a unique resort type hospital for seriously diseased patients and uses organic food and nutrition as part of a treatment plan.

Having known that leading immunologists (not dependent on government funds or salaries) have shown nearly all vaccination programs from polio, smallox, diptheria, flu and childhood “diseases” have been  failures (and they have the CDC and US Public Health Services own data to prove it. Just take a gander at the charts below and study them closely. (See Vaccine Overload at Stay Health and Enjoy Life )


To be fair, vaccinations may have prevented onset of these conditions in possibly some (but how would you know that?), but not without very high rates of immediate or long-term problems such as neurological problems, the disease itself and sudden or eventual death.

I could write alot more on this topic, but I am not qualified. So, I will introduce you to Sherri by giving you the link to NMA Media Press, and her most comprehensive work in the vaccination field, giving you a hundred or more references from qualified medical professionals.

Readers, what do you think?

2 responses to “Vaccination Truths & Myths

  1. Oh, thanks for sharing! We’ve opted out a number of vaccines and are delaying others. Can’t wait to read Sherri’s stuff.

    (AKA FoodRenegade)

  2. I agree that vaccines are greatly over-rated. Another example of how big money corrupts, and in this case, causes damage to our health at our own expense! I posted about it a while back: Vaccine Overload.

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