First Quarterly Report for The Journal

This is our first quarterly report. We set sail on December 8, 2008 into the unknown of the blogosphere. I figured we would have good content but static–very few posts and very little action. I would post maybe once in a while (every two weeks) but only if we got good hits, but I kind of expected 2 or 3 hits a day. Well . . .

we have had 16,100 stories read (and possibly as many as 32,000) and these are the top stories of the past quarter since the launch, listed below with the number of reads. 

Two weeks ago, The Journal was placed as No. 1 fastest growing (for that day). Okay, we had our 24 hours of fame. We ranked 38 and 78 out of 167,000 articles for our top story (later to be enhanced immensely with the Mystery of the Flag) during the same two days. These stats apply to the WordPress community, and from what I can tell is the No. 1 blog tool internationally– perhaps a bit better than its two competitors. Yes, we were up there with the most popular articles from The Wall Street Journal, NFL and People. It has been a good start and far more than I expected.

Perhaps the most important to me is the caliber of contributors and the commenters. We had 140 comments, not to mention about 100 on other sites. (I will link to those under those articles soon.) You can always click on their name to go to their web site. This means after 16,000 reads, with 1 % we struck a nerve so well that they were inspired to write. That might mean we made a big impression on 20% and some level of effect on the others.

I think it is rewarding and valuable to others introducing experts and other talent in the domain of whole food and nutritional health, food politics and the dark side, and regulatory enforcement, including the family farms.

The ease for me to quickly write and read others on these topics is explained in this way: I have had this stuff bottled up inside for about 15 years from being in the corporate world with clients and associates in the largest companies (and small ones, too) in the world. I have lived it, eaten it, drank it and slept it for so long, it is time to Live It Out Loud.

Now, the top 10 articles of the quarter:

SWAT Team Raid on Homeschool and Food/He 2,439
U.S. Court, FDA: Raw Milk Like Toxic Was 1,204
Healthy Family Farms Busted for Cheese: 1,046
Another Bogus Study: Unpasteurized Milk- 721
Bad Seed: Gov’t/Corporate Takeover of U. 702
Vaccine Nation: Mass Vax Here 604
*Raw Milk Alert: Ohio in on U.S. “Food P 563
About the Journal 427
National Animal ID System Explained in 8 394
Jeff Smith – The health effects of genet 375
My Story   .315

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