Ohio Conference on Raw Milk

The Journal and the Ohio Connections to Whole Food and Nutritional Healing is sponsoring the first Ohio Conference on Raw Milk on Saturday, April 18th at 9:30am. The conference will cover the health benefits of raw milk, problems with commercial dairy, legal issues, production methods, herdshares, connecting to local sources and the business and marketing/promotion of raw milk.

Our speakers include Tim Wightman, dairy farmer and Interim President, Farm-to-Consumer Foundation and board member, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund; and Gary Cox, chief counsel of the FTCLDF. The conference is of benefit to both consumers and dairy farmers, and we hope to see you there!

The complete conference agenda and flyer can be found at http://wholefood.meetup.com/165/calendar/9786971. To RSVP you must join (free) You may also register by calling Annie at (330) 875.1208, preferably before April 10. Northeast Ohio only residents should first join Ohio Connections (free) and can then RSVP for the conference at http://wholefood.meetup.com/160. A flyer is at http://files.meetup.com/1025959/RawMilkatHoneyRun2.pdf for you and those you know without internet.

The conference fee is only $10 at the door, and an advance RSVP is required. The conference will be held at the Inn at Honey Run in Holmes County, a renowned five-star nature resort in scenic Millersburg, the heart of Amish country.

2 responses to “Ohio Conference on Raw Milk

  1. Congratulation, I am happy to see this activity in Ohio, especially with the government cracking down on good food now with bill H R 875. Please do keep up the good work. My You Tube channel provides more information of the Symposium on raw pasture fed healthy milk we had here in Canada earlier this year where your Tim Wightman spoke. My big concern is that we have to fight the people WE have elected. Why do they fight tooth and nail in favour of corporations, or rather those who hide behind big corporations. I encourage everyone to educate themselves to the dangers of corporate food.
    many blessing from Ontario and Marianne Else

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