Video: Health Benefits of Raw Milk

Here is a great 4-minute raw milk testimony on the health improvements of an entire family. This video was produced by one of our Journal subscribers in Australia.

3 responses to “Video: Health Benefits of Raw Milk

  1. Raw milk is indeed a wonderful way to improve ones health and it is thrilling that the world is beginning to sit up and take notice!

    For those interested in learning more about the curative powers of raw milk I would like to draw your readers attention to a new post called The Raw Milk Cure which I have just put up at

    • Nice spread on the raw milk cure, Charles. I am testing the new reply feature to see if your receive an email notifying you of this response. Please reply if you receive it. With this feature, it could help generate more comments or debate.

  2. I started drinking raw milk because it was less expensive in our little farming town. The benefits were so amazing I have not stopped. The past 3 years I have had 2 healthy children. My doctor did not want me to consume raw milk, so for a short while I pasteurized it myself. The benefits of the natural milk were not there. My son, 11 mo. on the rare occasion has consumed formula or pasteurized milk in any form gets a blistery awful diaper rash. Raw milk does not cause this. I have been able to loose weight drinking whole raw milk. Next step is to get my cholesterol, which has been too high checked. I am hopeful for good results.

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