Latest News/Video on SWAT Bust on Manna Storehouse Co-op

This is the latest news from who are defending John and Jackie Stowers, who along with their children and grandchildren were terrorized and held captive for over six hours by a SWAT team with guns drawn. They face criminal charges for dealing in fresh farm food for private co-op members at the Manna Storehouse in Lorain Co., Ohio without a government permission slip.

For illustrative purposes only. Not taken from the actual event.

For illustrative purposes only. Not taken from the actual event.

See our complete story called SWAT Team Raid on Homeschool and Food and Health Ministry for Hungry Families with videos and links to the search warrant and sheriffs reports.

Please note that the Lorain Co., Ohio sheriff’s spokesman says this level of force (on a family, children, toddlers and a baby) is normal procedure. Watch the second video with another interview with the family, customers and the sheriff’s office.

5 responses to “Latest News/Video on SWAT Bust on Manna Storehouse Co-op

  1. This is despicable and just another example of Big Pharma in action, trying to coerce and prevent people from eating whole organic foods which would take money away from their industry. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s the truth! I’m ashamed I live in Ohio when I see stories like this. This is a difficult state to live freely in when it comes to holistics.

  2. It’s your country folks- if we don’t take it back, no one will. If not us, Who? If not now, When?

  3. I am SO upset by this. And the sad part is that they’re not alone. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again until the American public protects itself.

  4. The %$#@!^$ cops in LORAIN, low-down-stinkin’-rain, and I know as a 48 year resident, are retarded flatfoots with nothing better to do than use their “skills” harassing law-abiding citizens. They suck, and the SHERIFF is supposed to be our last line of defense, constitutionally, against just this sort of usuping of our privacy. START A LAWSUIT against these ass-clowns – the whole department – maybe as Lorain goes even faster broke, it will disband the Po-Leece, and we’ll all be safer. I have an inside track to how utterly useless and stupid they are, as my brother used to be a cop there. Disgusting and rude little nazi-wanna-be’s is all the whole county is stuffed full of. Jackasses in jackboots.

  5. This is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable.

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