UN/US Attempting to Control All Water and Private Property

June 2, 2009

June 28–If you do not want to read this, at least watch the two 3- minute videos by scrolling down.

Visit No to Big Government siteHe who controls the water, controls private property– and controls the people. Now, as I had suspected for a few years, a multitude of governments control most waters in some way. Control of all water, including farm ponds, ditches and prairie potholes could be eminent with US Senate Bill 787 called the Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA) or its pending facsimiles.

After 30 years of improvement in water quality and hundreds of billions spent to gain a 95 per cent reduction of regulated contaminants in most places, somehow those watching over the water has declared the progress a failure and the Clean Water Act needs restoration.

In reality, the Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA) does not “restore” the CWA. Instead, it greatly expands its scope and jurisdiction. The bill would bring federal oversight to activities that affect all “waters of the United States” as opposed to merely “navigable waters” as called for in the original CWA. “Waters of the United States” is broadly defined in the legislation to include “all interstate and intrastate waters and their tributaries, including lakes, rivers, streams (including intermittent streams), mudflats, sandflats, wetlands, sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows, playa lakes, natural ponds, and all impoundments.” You can read the entire text here.

Water regulation is no longer upon rivers and industrial discharges like back in the early 1970s. Now, we have the rapidly mounting rules on lakes, groundwater, watersheds, wetlands, well water, dry ditches, and even dryland and sand piles. We also have cumbersome rules to protect endangered species, including small bugs and plants and rocks.

We not only have federal, state, county and city rules and policies controlling water and water quality but we have the other quasi-government entities, commissions, committees, boards, public/private partnerships, non-profits and other organizations calling the shots on water and every other environmental issue– including land-use planning in both urban and rural areas. To make matters worse there are all those shadow governments under the regionalism, that is regional “governments”, and the thousands of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) commissioned and certified by the United Nations in the U.S. under Agenda 21 and its numerous other names.  All of this, mind you, is well-funded by governments, corporations and foundations and their numerous partnerships.

These groups have been busy for years connecting all the water– that is, tracing the flow of water from the rain to the ground, to the flow into the ditch to the dry creek and the small stream, fed by springs and groundwater. They have concluded that to have pristine Eden-quality water, they will need to control all of it.

This 4-minute video, The Great Water Heist, explains how it is being done:

Here is what the largest and oldest private property freedom fighting organization said on June 2, 2009 about the pending law:

The proposed scheme would “expand the reach of federal land-use regulation to an unlimited extent, with every pond, puddle and ditch subject to control from Washington, D.C.,” said Hopper.

The proposed Clean Water Restoration Act is a good example of how big government is on the march—getting bigger, more arrogant and more aggressive against freedom, from city hall to state government to Congress and the White House.

Now here what Sen. Inhoff says about the water takeover:

Currently it has been illegal to collect rain water from rooftops of private homes in a part of Oregon and more recently in Colorado. In future you may need a special permit to wade in a small river to fly fish, to construct a barn or to water a large garden.  Already, there is worries that your well water may not be good enough for your children.

Those locations where water rights and private property were not already taken by the state could now be taken by the federal governmnent and authority delegated to whomever it pleases.

7 responses to “UN/US Attempting to Control All Water and Private Property

  1. Just one more example of this administration grabbing all of our freedoms. When are Americans going to wake up and see the huge power grab going on in Washington?!!!!!

  2. This is suspicious because if you remember correctly, earlier this year and last many of us fought and lost the implementaion of a similar “redundant” law called the Great Lakes Water Compact which was then “reconciled” with Ohio state law to include not just the Great Lakes Watershed but the entire state. By changing from “water” and “rain” from “navigatable waters” it now includes your well, pond and all drops of water down to a rain barrel. This legislation seems but the final piece in the puzzle to make it a national law controlling all the US, and it’s God given waters. You will now have to get permission to use that which God gave you.

  3. I have not read the whole bill and I suspect neither did the others who left comments. Perhaps, the Federal Government is not trying to own or to keep you from using your water, but to regulate the quality of the water. What you put in the water, or on your land that runs into the lakes and rivers, affects everybody, thing on and in the lake and down stream and oftern the ground water. So it does matter to the common good, what you are doing to the water on your land. The big coal companies are blowing off the mountain tops and filling the headwaters of major streams and rivers with toxic sludge – destroying the environment, ruining the drinking water of millions of people down stream; poisoning the wells of local people and causing a hellacious mess. Should they be allowed to keep doing that just because the streams begin on their land???? I think not.
    Who is putting out this video? Perhaps, they are not being truthful by telling only part of the story.

  4. So that measn we can still collect rain water straight out of the sky onto our own buckets. Woo-hoo, what a victory! Well, for the time we still have the 2nd amendment!

  5. Leave our property and our God given rights
    alone, this is getting out of control.

  6. Let’s simply say NO each time we are being taken away the access to anything vital and natural for our lives.
    Let’s not be afraid, for we are the many and they are the few.

    There is nothing to fear than Fear itself!!!(quote FDR) That is why all media propaganda or adds work so well.
    Modern medicine is the biggest fraud of all times and not only is it killing us massively but it also contributes to making us brainless followers.

    Unless we have allowed it to be filled with medical chemicals, our body can easily reverse any conditon it has created. Check up on German New Medicine and be prepared for a (revealing-relieving) shock: you will realise how your body really works!
    Thought our governments would work at our welfare? Wake up!We have been lied to folks, in the most horrible way!

    Fear makes us all a herd of brainless followers, asking for deadly vaccines or asking to be stripped of our basic rights in the name of false flag terrorism.
    Let us not forget that we can say NO and resist induced fear. It is now urgent as a massive population reduction plan is under way for very soon.

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