Free Poster: 48 Doses of 14 Vaccines by Age 6?

Yes, I am very excited about this nifty poster. Perfect for posting at your health department, doctors offices, libraries, health food stores and fitness clubs. This is one article you will want to spread across the world! That way everyone can have this printable poster.

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It is so good it looks like it comes from the CDC or FDA or a rich Big Pharma corp. The message is masterfully done. It draws the viewer in and zaps them with the potential and deadly vaccine reactions.

Open it. Print It. Post It. And use our new SHARE button on the right to spread the word or pass this link around. See it here

48 Injections of 14 Vaccines by Age 6?

Your family. Your health. Your choice.

Courtesy of the National Vaccination Information Center.

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8 responses to “Free Poster: 48 Doses of 14 Vaccines by Age 6?

  1. Brilliant!
    I look forward to putting them up in all the govt. offices

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Our county’s public health department has posted their “Yay! For Vaccines!” style literature and I’m going to print this up and post it right next to their stuff.

  3. A punch between the eyes! Won’t that piss of Big Brother!

  4. We put two up at the Health Department. One was taken down.

  5. Great idea. Government uses taxpayer funds for their propaganda. This grassroots response can help get the truth out.

  6. This would be great. So many people blindly following “doctors orders” and they’ll just keep adding more as long as there’s a market and they can.

  7. They should take these 48 injections of poison and shove it up their own asses…

  8. If I only knew then what I know now! My son is 14 and AUTISTIC from a vaccination he had when he was not quite three years of age. The vaccination contained THIMEROSAL, and caused our son to go into epileptic seizures for almost three months, even with medications. All the kings men and all the horses couldn’t put our David back together again. His young and happy life and ours was forever changed that horrible day. David is loved and liked by everyone and is happy. Keep up the good work on this site. THANKS! PHIL esq

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