Healthy Milk: What To Buy

milkMore and more people will tell you “never buy milk unless it has cream floating on top”. Kristen Michaelis at The has an exceptionally useful and informative article on how to buy milk. I have been wanting to introduce her to you because her real food site really rocks. An admitted rebel, Kristen will tell you a little about buying milk:

Organic milk. Raw milk. Milk from grass-fed cows. Homogenized. Non-homogenized. Hormone-free milk. Whole milk. Skim milk. Goat’s milk. Cows milk. The choices regarding milk boggle the mind.

If you drink milk, it’s important to buy the best, most nourishing milk your family can afford. Why? Because sadly, milk is one of the most adulterated so-called “whole” foods on the market today.

It’s also one of the most misunderstood.

Strikes Against Milk

Surely you know a handful of people who are dairy intolerant. As with any dietary intolerance, the symptoms range from digestive problems to mood swings.  And like gluten-intolerance, the wave of people now claiming a dairy intolerance is on the rise. People aren’t just on gluten-free diets. They’re on casein-free diets. (Casein being the primary protien found in milk.)

It doesn’t surprise me. Modern milk is notoriously hard to digest. On so many levels, it hardly resembles traditional milk at all.

What’s wrong with modern milk?

  • Most modern milk comes from more recent breeds of cattle producing milk abnormally high in A1 beta casein. A1 beta casein is a slightly different milk protein than the ancestral one common to more traditional breeds of cattle, sheep, goats, and even humans, known as A2 beta casein. Mountains of scientific research have been done on the subject of A1 beta casein, the way our bodies digest it, and the slew of mental and physical disorders it can cause. (For a more complete look at the research, I highly recommend you read Devil in the Milk).
  • Most modern milk comes from cows fed a disproportionate amount of grains. The most nourishing milk comes from cows being fed their natural diet of grass — the greener, the better.

Read the entire article at the Food Renegade.

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