Vaccinations: Undercover Video of School Attorney’s Grueling Interrogation of Parents Wanting Religious Exemption

Intense Psychological Torment and Religious Persecution

This undercover video is so controversial it was taken off youtube three times affecting at least 100 website links. However, it was saved by this site where you can see it:

NY Schools attorney David Cohen cross examines New York parents about their belief in God– the couple applied for a waiver to refuse vaccines. Don’t you think this meets all the definitions of verbal abuse?

4 responses to “Vaccinations: Undercover Video of School Attorney’s Grueling Interrogation of Parents Wanting Religious Exemption

  1. It is unfortunate that this conversation took place in such a tense manner. It is clear, however, that the couple is not solid in their religious beliefs, otherwise they wouldn’t need a lawyer. Additionally, the questions posed to them were simple and if they really had a comprehensive thought on this issue, they would have had no trouble in answering. I am against vaccines, but there is nothing in this video to elicit empathy for the couple.

  2. I disagree. The couple is not asking for empathy. They are as strong as they can be in their beliefs. They should not answer directly any question and they are smart to have an attorney there since there is an attorney doing the interrogation. The woman dominated and their attorney did not say much. I am so glad they videoed this. I did not hear the husband say much and I thought this was about right for most husbands.

  3. The attorney was asking irrelevant questions. He kept stating that god must have given us the ability to use vaccinations, but didn’t god give us free will as well. He was stating a “fact” in his view about god to support the use of vaccinations. So, in his mind, god gave us nuclear weapons to blow one and other sky high. He was the one be quite belligerent, and he had already made his mind up. He wanted to trick and find fault in those parents so that they would be made fools, and their child would have to get a vaccination. It is pretty obvious through his manner and the statements he makes.

  4. It’s hard for me to swallow, not living in the US, that parents have to ask permission to NOT vaccinate and then defend their position like this. It’s insanity.

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