New State Controls on Home-made Food Products

Draft Post
NEW rules at Ohio Dept of Agriculture have been issued. The rules affect home and farm prepared foods to be sold including farmers markets.
This means that some other states are following suit and it also means the USDA has been involved.
Look what is new:
ODA and affiliates (ODH, consultants) has right of entry to Farm/home kitchens
Right of product sampling and analysis
Food not expressly listed is not allowed (where is sauerkraut, kimchee ?)
MEATs— cannot be shrink wrapped and frozen. Must have oxygen at 21% surround it (that is the way I read it)
Must meet labeling requirements
Rules cover the ingredients used to prepare the food items.



5 responses to “New State Controls on Home-made Food Products

  1. America is NOT a free country!

  2. questions for Augie:
    Do you think these rules are acceptable, or ridiculous? Who is pushing these new rules ? Are our state representatives, or is it the Feds?

  3. You need to watch the following:

    “America, from freedom to fashism”
    “New world order documentary”

    All available on google video.

  4. Yes Kris, the war is on!!!!! Augie, let’s help fix this, NOW!!! See you both soon!

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