State/Local Health Dept Close Farmers Markets

Spies in the Farmers Markets

farmers-marketA child’s lemonade stand was one of the “violations”

A Connecticut state health department closed an entire 200-year old farmers market. There is more to come. I figured this would happen, especially with Ohio’s new rules, which  mimic UN/USDA/HHS plans.

This reminds me a few years ago of the Connecticut grade school girl that had a lemonade stand in front of her home. The Health Department stopped by and required a permit, inspected the kitchen and laid down the rules. She decided to avoid the permitting process and expense by accepting donations (that does not fly now). When word got out in the newspaper, she made even more sales and higher donations per glass, without a permit.

And this week, an agent for an Amish family emailed me saying he can no longer come to a farmers market because of the expense of new rules. Like I said, more is to come.

All of this does not surprise me too much. After all, it is in accordance with the harmonization plans of the UN/WHO/HHS/USDA and the states.

Once again, our Washington, D.C.  Correspondent Kimberly Hartke, cracks what could be a big national story, and brings her guest columnist to our attention, which exposes this incident. Here is an excerpt.

Because the farmers markets were growing, both in attendance, and in numbers, the General and the DPH decided to “involve themselves” after 200 years of healthy functioning tradition.  They sent out staff members who were allegedly, “just on vacation and happened to visit farmers markets”. The pattern was to cite alleged violations (I use the term alleged as NONE  of their findings had, nor has ever caused illness, nor did VIOLATE EXPLICIT CODE). We do not know how many “vacationers” were sent out from the DPH, but we do know of four similar cases, wherein the State inspectors notified the local inspectors about the violations. Most local inspectors observed, talked to farmers about health and safety, and left the farmers market to it’s own. Ironically, there were only two actual cases of disruption and one was at my market, and without this disruption, neither my involvement in this farm food movement, nor this article on this blog would have transpired.

The local inspector in Stonington, after bring briefed by the “vacationing” State health official, took her briefing so literally she shut the market down for the following alleged “violations”: 1) The market master brought coffee from a local restaurant in thermos bottles, and served hot coffee to raise money for the market; 2) I was cited  for serving wheat-grass juice at my stall (although I was cleared by Consumer Protection) 3) Local youths and their lemonade stand, who were actually paying their college tuition with their highly successful and brilliant idea to serve lemonade, a stand which had been operating for over three years. 4) Each and every farmer who offered samples of product.

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Do other readers know of other situations like this?

11 responses to “State/Local Health Dept Close Farmers Markets

  1. It’s scary that they can do this. Luckily, the farmer’s market was reopened, but this likely isn’t the end of the officials attempts to shut our farmer’s markets down. I’ll be sure to read next Friday’s post at on “What Citizen Activists Can Do.” Thanks for sharing this, Augie.

  2. “It’s scary that they can do this.”

    They can only Do THis because you let them.

    We’ll they can only continue to harass people as long as (She)people keep putting up with this BS.

    Who are they to control how and what you decide to eat?

    These types of Mass-Control will continue unless we All stand up and say NO! By any means needed.

  3. Welcome to the Wide World of Communism, kiddies. If it’s not big enough to be worth taking over by the State, it will be drubbed out of existence through the (ab)use of arbitrary fines and draconian rules.

  4. And yet the government of the U.S.A allows china to send us poisoned pet food,toothe paste and baby foods,not mention drugs. Go figure!

  5. What has come of this great country, America?

    I am sad that this is what My daughter will have to put up with, 10 fold.

    Stop this out of control government.

  6. I think you would make a lot more credible case if you didn’t throw in all of the UN/WHO conspiracy stuff. I sell vegetables and am on the board for out local Farmer’s Market, and, yes, we are having to deal with a lot of red tape, mostly from the local health department regs. At the same time, USDA and MS Dept of Ag are promoting Farmer’s Markets through grants, programs, and getting us into the voucher programs for WIC and senior programs. On balance, I would say that the Fed and State impacts have been mostly positive. Like your site, but the crackpot stuff like this and “Agenda 21” does a lot to diminish your credibility.

    • The UN & WHO are not conspiracies. They are international groups that want to form worldwide policies. Policies that are against the constitution of the USA.

  7. Conspiracy? Anybody can go to the UN website and read Agenda 21 and the food plan. They can also read how that plan is transforming the globe under Environmental Deception– from real life experience. Yes, you are correct– there are wonderful people in government who are trying to help matters, for example, grant programs to start up farmers markets and the real food movement. And I am glad they are there. Unfortunately, there is good grant money and bad. Unfortunately, there are too many people out there that when someone even mentions UN, they quickly think they are crackpots and conspiracy nuts.

    But you may be right, the mention of the UN or the World Health Organization might be a bit much for some readers to digest.


    Monsanto Investigator in Illinois Laughs They Are Doing ‘Rural Cleansing’

    Also – How does Any Agency from the FEDERAL or State Government have Jurisdiction over you and what you grow/eat, if you are not on Federal/State Land or a Federal/State Employee?

    They Don’t – unless You let them. Remember, the State and Feds are Supposed to Work for US. Not we for them.

  9. If the spineless people of Connecticut dont take a stand, it is there own fault. When PUBLIC officials pull this type of crap, they should be indicted or at the very least be thrown out of office……although their head on a pike would send a better message to the next office holder.
    It is our DUTY to take on these corrupt entities.

  10. Last Resort:
    Your comment holds truth, untill they begin to attack,to crush, smash, and wipe you out.Your turn will come, as did mine, and as they squeeze the last drop of blood from you they will say”I am your friend, LOOK WHAT I HAVE DONE FOR YOU….
    It is a time to be alert, sharp, and objective…if you are to survive that is.

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