Deadly Baby Vaccines- Tears in Heaven

babyianBaby Ian died nine days after birth from an adverse reaction to the hepatitis B vaccine.

Watch a short slide show of Ian’s terrible suffering from birth through the ninth day.

The parents, Scott and Deanna Gromowski live in southeast Wisconsin just outside of Milwaukee.  They are using these photos and their website to alert parents that they have the right to know of the dangers of vaccines and about their freedom to choose to vaccinate or not.

Below, I have posted Eric Clapton’s inspirational hit Tears in Heaven. The song was inspired after Eric Clapton’s young son died in an accident.

The CDC decree that babies be given the first of three Hepatitis B vaccinations within 12 hours of birth is the most ridiculous of all recommendations. Peruse the Journal vaccination series at Vaccine Nation: Mass Vax including Are the Swine Flu Shots Toxic Enough?, Swine Flu Swindle, and assorted videos including the cute Swine Flu cartoon.

This Tuesday, August 4, we will be joining our Washington, DC Correspondent Kimberly Hartke in a syndicated celebrity interactive interview with Kevin Trudeau on the Swine Flu Frenzy. Subscribe to be the first to see it.

Eric Clapton: Tears in Heaven (With Lyrics)


3 responses to “Deadly Baby Vaccines- Tears in Heaven

  1. Jennifer Franck Le Bouteiller said at Facebook:

    The doctor was upset when we objected the Hep B vaccine, so much so that he told us that if we dont vaccinate then he cant see us…So we never came back, to this day our kids have never been vaccinated because after that, we learned the real truth about vaccines….read about mary tocco – she is a great resource and has dedicated herself fully to … Read Moreeducate on vaccination. It kills me to no end that when I try to tell people not to, they seem to distance themselves or think im crazy. I am glad I was informed and I want others to be informed as well… Keep on sharing!

  2. Tragic and enlightening, thank you for sharing this.
    On the parents’ website however, they say their son died 47 days after birth.

  3. This is horrific. Why in the world are we vaccinating infants this way? See what others have to say about building immunity instead of vaccines on my blog carnival today>

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