Swindle Flu: A Vaccine Nation Series

I would like to encourage you to see the Journal’s 25 articles and some video on our Vaccine Nation series, including

Swine Flu Cocktail for immunity
Are the New Flu Shots Toxic Enough?
Swine Flu Swindle (hot)
Where is the Autism Amongst the Amish?
Deadly Immunity, and our recent
Deadly Baby Vaccines– Tears in Heaven

Just in time for back-to-school flu clinics, here is the link to the Table of Contents (with intros) of our Journal articles to share with your friends, family and church:


Also, Kevin Trudeau posts his views today on the Swine Flu Agenda over at hartkeisonline.com and there is many interesting comments to read.  I do not endorse or recommend any of the products Kevin Trudeau promotes. (For example, why should I pay $50 for 8 ounces of 14 ppm silver when I can get the same volume at 400 ppm for $25– that’s 28 times for half the cost– and dilute it myself for a 3 year supply?)


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