Honoring the Sacred Foods– 10th Annual WAPF Wise Traditions Conference

This just came across my desk and could not help but pass it on. Are ya going to Chicago? Comments?

Conference Announcement

Honoring the Sacred Foods– 10th Annual WAPF Wise Traditions Conference

Weston A. Price Foundation Annual ConferenceNovember 13 – 16, 2009 – Schaumberg, IL

It’s all about the food…and the farmers.

How do we prepare over 7,000 delicious and nutritious meals for 1,200 people over four days? We rely on creative chefs, and hundreds of food donors: wise traditions farmers, producers and vendors!

Here’s the scoop on this year’s food.

Sally Fallon Morell invited Amanda Love, The Barefoot Cook, to create a special menu for us to savor at the WAPF Conference. See her menus including gluten/casein-free options, here http://bit.ly/MnTwf Even our children will enjoy fine foods with kid-friendly menus planned by Stephanie Lewis, architect of an outstanding WAPF friendly private school lunch program in Janesville, Wisconsin.

And, last but not least….we got lucky!  The Head Chef of our conference hotel, Chef Jack Delby, just won the American Culinary Federation Central Region Chef of the Year Award!  We are in for a treat!

So, we have carefully crafted menus and an award winning chef. Now. . . all we need is food, not just any food……glorious food!

That’s where you come in.  If you are a farmer, producer or vendor here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Consumers – please email or print these out and pass on to your favorite farmers –

Conference Flyer & Reg Form – http://bit.ly/4vQkY
Food Donations & Barters Info –  http://bit.ly/neYnm
Conference Menu Menu http://bit.ly/MnTwf
Farmer Focused Education Tracks- http://bit.ly/itQcf

As farmers, producers and vendors you join us as educators in your own right…leading folks back to healthy food choices – by their taste buds.  We couldn’t very well talk about nutrient-dense foods, and then serve industrial ag “food”, could we?

We are extremely thankful to have generous, big hearted farmers, producers and vendors supporting us so richly. In the ten years we’ve been holding this conference, we’ve never had to buy conventionally raised or produced meats, poultry, eggs, dairy, breads, ferments or traditional fats to feed our large crowds. That’s saying a lot.

If you have donated before, or would like to start, take a look at the options and benefits. http://bit.ly/neYnm A new benefit for food donors is a link to their website from the online menu, and this year we offer barters in lieu of cash payments.

The conference came to America’s Heartland for a reason!  We wanted to encourage more farmers to participate.  So, since many of our farmers can’t leave the farm for three days, others cannot join us on Sundays and yet others have more food to spare than cash…we’ve provided options.  Pay or barter for exhibit fees, ads or registrations.  Exhibit one day or many.  Attend one day or many.  Bring your own meals or eat ours.  We look forward to having a bountiful crop of farmer participants, exhibitors and donors this year!

WAPF conference attendees love the exhibitors.  If you are a farmer, and want to exhibit, why not take advantage of a special offer to exhibit Saturday for only $350?  This fee includes 8′ exhibit table and one exhibitor badge to attend Saturday’s lectures (meals extra).  Extra badges are $50 each (max of 2).  You can attend the main plenary session on Sacred Foods or attend Will Winters’ Artisanal Farming with Livestock day-long workshop or send your intern, helper or spouse. More on the Saturday lectures at http://bit.ly/nbxjF You can also buy or barter for conference passes for additional days if desired.

If you are looking for farmer focused education, we’ve got it. With the help of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, we created daily educational tracks with farmers in mind with topics including grassfed livestock, artisanal animal husbandry and direct-to-consumer distribution. See more http://bit.ly/itQcf

Look at the menu…see an ingredient you can donate or barter with? If not, suggest one! http://bit.ly/MnTwf

To discuss your food donation or barter, contact Cathy Raymond (703) 499-5511 cathy@westonaprice.org

To discuss your exhibit, contact Paul Frank (304) 724-3004 paul@ptfassociates.com

To register for the conference by the early bird discount (by October 1, 2009) http://bit.ly/AmIov

Thanks to all the chefs, farmers, producer, vendors, planners and participants that will make this a not-to-miss event in America’s Heartland.

See you at the conference!

One response to “Honoring the Sacred Foods– 10th Annual WAPF Wise Traditions Conference

  1. I met Dr Beals here in Ontario when he testified for raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt this past January (Michael Schmidt was released from jail last week after protesting against garbage dumpsite 41 near Elmvale, Ontario – which is to be located on top of a huge aquifer stretching some 40 miles to just North of Toronto with the some of the purest water in the world). You can see Dr Beals and Michael Schmidt and some of the protest of site 41 on my YouTube channel:

    I also highly recommend Dr. Tom Cowan who spoke here in Ontario at the University of Guelph – Organic Conference, a few years back. He wrote a book called “The Four fold Path to Healing” with Spatial Dynamics instructions by Jaimen McMillan. This is a companion book to Sally Fallon’s cookbook.
    I am very glad that these men are going to be at the WAPF conference in Schauberg, Il..
    Many blessings from Marianne in Ontario

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