Free Natural Cures Database: International Award Winner

Natural Cures

Natural Cures

No sooner did we post the recommendation to use Wilderness Family Naturals for your source for a complete line of inexpensive herbs, spices and teas, I had a chance to review an amazing site to perfectly complement the associated health benefits and healing properties of these substances.  It is an open-source wiki database (as in wikipedia) state-of-the-art, compiled be individuals and alternative health practitioners. I think you will be as astounded as I am with

To use the 100s natural substances, one must know the condition(s) to be treated, the candidate substances to use as the treatment, the effectiveness based on user feedback, and where to purchase them and how to use them. The site covers all known diseases and conditions; all the natural substances. Currently there are about 30,000 references to certified treatments.

For example, a alternative health radio show host and I were talking this week, in preparation of my show on the Swindle Flu. He suffered with tonsillitis all his life and had a severe case last week. He said this time he took Oil of Oregano and was cured within a day. Turns out, that on the site, 93 users report excellent results with this oil for sore throat. You can get the oil from Wilderness Family Naturals.

This UN project is the 2008 award winner from 20,000 UN projects and is endorsed by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, PubMed, and the National Institute of Health, among others. (Can you believe this?)

Dr. Manoj Nair, a project director, had written me at the Journal and encouraged me to participate and make it part of the Journal. I am now a member along with thousands of others.

Dr. Nair said in his letter:

My name is Manoj Nair and I’m associated with an online alternative medicine website called ( The site specializes in user generated (Wiki) Alternative medicines and Herbal Home remedies, where users both upload the treatments but also rate and comment on them. has treatments for almost all diseases with references from very authentic sources like the Pubmed or NIH sites.

Let us know what you think below.

One response to “Free Natural Cures Database: International Award Winner

  1. Julie, and Ohio Connections member, wrote to me and said:
    Just to make you aware regarding natural cures…….. More and more researchers are finding that a significant portion of the U.S.
    population are Vitamin D deficient. They did some research concerning chronic back pain and tested vitamin D levels in these patients
    in 22 clinical studies and found them to be very deficient. Supplementation of 2,000 to 5,000 i.u.’s of vitamin D3 alleviated back pain
    in 90+ percent of these patients. Since then, research in all areas of disease are ramping up the vitamin D testing to find that all manner of disease, especially when the ramping up of those diseases are related to a difference of degrees of lattitude where they are living is involved.

    This holds true for cancers, autoimmune disease, diabetes, MS and other disease. We are clearly not getting enough sunlight, sunblocks
    and sunglasses and indoor living and working is getting to us. Children are getting much less vitamin D and it could be a bigger cause in learning deficiency problems than vacccines. Black children and black people are even more vulneerable since their skin is resistant due to pigmentation. Cancers that
    were not common are now common and it is theorized that vitamin D is crucial to regulation of all immunity, bone, joint, muscle health etc.
    Older people do not absorb vitamin D through the sun as well as younger people.

    This may explain some of the higher rates of disease in the elderly population as well. I would advise you to look into the research done in this area, since many people are looking to prevent disease and this is absolutely crucial to human health.

    Thanks so much for all you do

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