RAID: Court Trial Soon on Ohio Food Co-op SWAT Team Raid

Trial Date Set in October

The long awaited trial on the lawsuit filed by Manna Storehouse, John and Jackie Stower against Lorain County and the Ohio Department of Agriculture will open October 8 and 9 at 8:30 am. DATE PENDING.

The Manna Storehouse (an organic food coop in LaGrange, Ohio) and their homeschool (with 10 children) were raided by a SWAT team in December and held in a room for six hours while the sheriff’s team confiscated 60 boxes of food, computers, phones and business records. The raid was conducted with the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Lorain Co. Department of Health.

The entire Manna Storehouse series can be accessed here, including stories, videos and interviews. This includes the expired search warrant the sheriff’s report and the formal complaint.

The Stower families need your support. Cleveland area folks can attend the court and are encouraged to go to our Cleveland Connections MeetUp event at the Courthouse!

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Send your best wishes and inspirational thoughts to John and Jackie and Katie and Chad here by commenting.

All comments are welcome here, especially those attending the trial.

8 responses to “RAID: Court Trial Soon on Ohio Food Co-op SWAT Team Raid

  1. Good luck – kick some butt.

  2. If people don’t have corporate veil protection, then jurisdiction is void . Only stick to one issue at a time . Otherwise your in equity, verses common law rights issues . Research it on your own . Lawyers are either lost, or miss trained due the change agents over the last 100 years . A monopoly profession that perpetrates an injustice in violation of ABA agreement with Congress in 1840’s . Find attorney at-law, not an attorney in-law . It’s up your search for Freedom . Call up the Spirit !

    Smile i love the God within you All !!!


    • Yes, but most lawyers can also properly use the correct form of a word, form a complete sentence, and not bloviate (look it up) in online forums.

  3. strongly advise that you ignore that non-sense by “Christopher” … or else you’re headed for REAL trouble ; there is One God and you’re not Him

    Publicity is the Soul of Justice

    • Thanks. You are so right. Publicity is king. You have a great website. Wait until you read The Lost Book of Bovinia–already written– to be posted soon.

      Also, let me know if you receive this reply be email. I am new at this and I do not know how this works.

  4. I suppose they will go after Angel Food industries next?? then the soup kitchens and the churches that are helping homeless. hwen will the government get out of our lives

  5. God bless you and protect you from further harm from overzealous state employees who don’t have a clue what they’re doing and don’t mind showing the world what idiots they are at other peoples’ great expense. I am praying for justice for all involved and that the family remains strong.

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