The Mystery of the Flag

The Mystery of the Flag

By David Michael (Augie)

This story was first published in June 2008 here at the Journal. Now, another chapter of the Mystery occurred on 9/11 this year, although it is not the final one.

torn-flagThe shredded Flag shown at the left was found in closet in our home. It was raised above my white house on the highest hill in the county during a meeting of our food and teaching ministry after Flag Day 2008. It was raised by a career Naval Officer who served in the Pentagon as an advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and two Eagle Scouts in full uniform. We paid a tribute to the highly decorated Special Operations son of a coworker of mine who was killed in Iraq. The father asked that we keep his family in prayer as we raise the Flag.

Substitute picture of flag raising after Flag Day 2008

Substitute picture of flag raising after Flag Day 2008

That Flag was ripped and tattered by strong south winds soon after the Manna Storehouse incident. The Flag was found in our home, built before the days of Abraham Lincoln, in the corner of a cabinet. But the Flag I wanted to fly was flown over the U.S. Capitol for the 500th Anniversary of the Columbus Discovery that coincided with the 100th anniversary of the American automobile. This special Flag had been lost and nowhere to be found in preparation for our event. My wife and I remembered the anniversary Flag had been stained and yellowed for the cigarette smoke and decided to discard it as we moved from Flag City USA (Findlay, Ohio) to Constitution City USA (Louisville, Ohio).. It was the Flag that had stood behind me for many years in my office and was carried to many cities for my business conferences and always referred to its meaning. Once in Chicago we had military in uniform and I asked one with many medals to carry it to the front and lead us the guests in the auditorium in the Allegiance. He told me I should not ask a colonel in the Army to carry the Flag and asked others of different uniforms to do so. It was the Flag that was carried to Las Vegas for an exposition and that stood above the United Nations flag on UN Day on the 50th Anniverary of the UN. It was the Flag that stood above the flags of many states on one occasion and the racing flags from the Indianapolis 500. It was the Flag that was raised for the last time in front of our Flag City home after September 11, 2001.  It was the Flag that we could not decide to burn in our front yard, dispose of according to protocol or place it in the garbage dumpster. We remembered we decided to do the latter. Soon we would discover that this was not the special flag at all– which flag this was remains a mystery.

Not long after raising the substitute Flag at sunset, the one found in the corner of a closet, above our white house, on the highest hill in the county, on the Tuesday after Flag Day 2008 near Constitution City USA, during our Food Ministry meeting, I was in my home office and made a remarkable discovery. I had opened a sealed box, one of the last not yet opened from the move from the Flag City USA to the Constitution City. Laying on top on the inside was another box– a red, white and blue box. When I opened it, there it laid complete with its certification papers, the Flag, with brilliant white stripes, that had never been used or raised, since it flew above the U.S. Capitol during the 500th Anniversary of the Columbus Discovery and the 100th Anniversary of the American Automobile, on September 21, 1993.

I look forward to the day when I will be able to raise this Mystery Flag when I can again see freedom on the horizon.



The Mystery Flag Flies Now

Augie and Bud Keim Raising The Mystery Flag

Augie and Bud Keim Raising The Mystery Flag

Today, the man that helped raise the flag that became tattered helped me to raise the found Mystery Flag, fresh out of its box after 16 years. I got the idea on 9/11/09– the day after was the freedom day march in Washington with 1.5 million. But we were not able to raise it together until today, 9/23/09.

There is much more to the Mystery of the Flag. A paper called Voyage to the 21st Century, written by me in 1993, will be posted here in due time. It is an integral part of this The Mystery of the Flag story.

And there is more yet to come which has not been written.

One response to “The Mystery of the Flag

  1. It was an honor to partiucipate on 9/12 in the Glen Beck’s “912 Project” Freedom March in Wash. DC, and to never forget the 911 attack in USA, and to enjoy our freedom spirit of “We the People” Republic demonstrating our resistance to big government takeover and taxation without representation & individual rights under the Constitution and by Almighty God!

    It was equally honoring to raise the 500th Aniversary Columbus Day – Mystery Flag with Augie to again boldly pray for and stand up for God given freedoms in our United States of America. II Chron. 7: 14

    Let us honor God by assembling at: Bud & Nita’s House, 6111 Sandalwood Ave. NE, Canton, OH 44721, on October 12, 2009 at 6:30 pm to lift up our prayers of thankgiving and petition for country! Everyone is invited.

    We will honor our God’s character by pursuing His ways in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, when we follow II Chron. 7:14, as He commands us to do; and we know that His Grace & Mercy are our refuge in this time of trouble in America.

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