Manna Storehouse Raid Trial–to be Videotaped by CVN



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 Manna Storehouse/Farm Raid Trial Begins–to be Video Recorded by CVN

October 6, 2009 – Cleveland, OH – Courtroom View Network (CVN) of New York City has announced that it will video record the trial of Stowers vs. Ohio Department of Agriculture and Lorain County Health Department, according to today’s Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health. The trial will be held on October 8 and 9  (date pending) at the Lorain County Courthouse, 226 Middle Avenue in Elyria, Ohio.

courtThe court case is the result of a before-Christmas 2008 Lorain County SWAT-team raid on The Manna Storehouse, an organic food coop in LaGrange, Ohio owned and operated by John and Jackie Stowers. The Stowers and their ten children and grandchildren were detained in one room of their home for six hours while the sheriff’s team confiscated sixty boxes of fresh farm food, computers, phones and business records. The food included USDA-certified meat from the Stower’s children’s mini-farm and the nearby Amish community. The Stowers were suspected of not having a retail food license, and the raid was instigated by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Lorain County Department of Health. Son Chad, father of the baby and toddler and wife Katie also present during the raid, was serving with the Navy Seabees in the Operation Iraqi Freedom at the time of the incident.

The Stowers are charging the state and county with 119 complaints including unlawful search and seizure, illegal use of state police power, taking of private property without compensation, failure to provide due process and equal protection, and denied their inalienable rights guaranteed under the Constitution, including their right to grow and eat their own food and offer it to others. 

CVN is the leading provider of live and on-demand video for high-stakes civil litigation, and is the exclusive provider of courtroom video to Westlaw, providing world-class legal research services. All proceedings are shown gavel-to-gavel and commercial-free. Attorneys use CVN’s live streams to reduce travel, deploy teams more effectively, feed war rooms, and change the balance of power in litigation. CVN’s customers include law firms and students and faculty at more than 50 law schools.

David Michael, Publisher of the Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health said, “We welcome CVN as the newest member of our Ohio Connections (Cleveland) team at the trial and their contribution in this high- profile case about our constitutional freedoms. All citizens should have the right to provide healthy, farm fresh food to their family, friends and private members in their own home without having to get official government approval or have it deemed a criminal activity.”

The Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health covers key federal and state regulatory enforcement and legal actions against small family farms and healthy food producers, among other topics related to food and health. The Journal offers articles and comment on farm fresh foods, the Farm Enforcement Report, with news of medical research on positive effects of real foods and health detriments of imitation, factory food.

The Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health



The entire Manna Storehouse series can be accessed here, including stories, videos and interviews.

Subscribe to the Journal for notification and access to the Trial Video on-demand when it becomes available. Day one of the trial will be available that evening– this one is not a live broadcast as some are. For five bucks, you will have 30-days unlimited access.

The Stower families need your support. Cleveland area folks can attend the court and are encouraged to go to our Cleveland Connections MeetUp event at the Courthouse! Please share this Breaking News . . .

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10 responses to “Manna Storehouse Raid Trial–to be Videotaped by CVN

  1. I am so praying that justice will be served in this trial! There is way too many freedoms being taken away by the government these days. The people have got to speak up and be heard!

  2. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this historic trial. Our future literally depends on a verdict upholding freedom to buy and sell food without State interference or harassment, not to mention outright persecution and confiscation as in this case.

  3. God Bless the Stowers, and may they prevail against this most un-American of activities visited upon them!

  4. Thanks for letting us know. I guess your blog will be the Bovine blog for the Manna Storehouse case. Terrific! Will you be in the courtroom as an observer, if so, that will be HUGE.

  5. I applaud this move and I wonder if this service costs a lot of money. It would be good if someone could answer this….
    many blessings to the Manna Storehouse people from Marianne in Canada

    • The service is no charge for the court proceedings. CVN makes their money through annual subscriptions and a $5 fee to anyone for 30-day access to a specific trial. The trial video service is fo high-profile cases only.

  6. I am loving the coverage on this trial through the Journal of Whole Foods and all of the posts. You guys are great! Keep up the fantastic work.

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  9. 10/23/09

    What’s going on wht the trial? Waht is the delay?

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