VIDEO: Robert Kennedy, Jr: CDC and Pharma Fraudulently Covers Up Vaccine/Autism Connection

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The top eschelon of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and their Big Pharma partners covered up the data on the vaccine/autism connection according to transcriptions of tapes from private meetings between them. According to Kennedy, the second part of the meetings were to determine the best way to keep the report secret. Then, the reports showing autism causation were doctored in Europe by fraudulent data manipulation and disseminated to the lazy “free” press. Kennedy’s written story, Deadly Immunity, appears here in the Journal, for the details.

But I thought you would also be shocked at the public revelation he gave at the steps of U.S. Capitol to an elated crowd. And be sure to SHARE this with your family and friends with this button

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Mr. Kennedy:

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6 responses to “VIDEO: Robert Kennedy, Jr: CDC and Pharma Fraudulently Covers Up Vaccine/Autism Connection

  1. I read recently in Reader’s Digest a nasty slam on Jenny McCarthy’s vaccine position. (I think the article was called “Celebrity Science” or something like that–it spoke of other famous people, too, and their opinions on other health topics.) The Digest’s position was that vaccines are administered around the same time that autism usually presents, so it’s a coincidence. How’s that for circular reasoning?

  2. Dont forget about mercury amalgams! Most of Europe banned them. Canada bans them for children and pregnant women yet in the good old USA we use them due to cost.

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  4. Actually, Ann, that’s not what circular reasoning means.

  5. This Kennedy knows his stuff. And no teleprompter!!!!

  6. Salon Magazine took the Kennedy article down a month ago– after the Wakefield fiasco.

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