VIDEO–Hope for Autism– Healing is Happening

They say there is no known cause. They say there is no cure. But they are wrong. Those in the health care, mental health and pharmaceutical industries, including federal and state agencies deny the potential for recovery. They say the more successful cases of recovery are hear say, the child did not have autism and that the parents are a bit loony. It also includes some of the autism non-profit associations.

Thousands of cases are known where those on the autism spectrum have had dramatic improvement and, in some, a restoration of fairly normal neurological and behavioral functioning. This is being accomplished through diet and treatment/therapy essentially, and in some cases with the proper use of selective psychosomatic medicines. But this is largely unrecognized by the mainstream “caregivers”, including HHS, CDC and the rest of the alphabet soup of health agencies and their funded non-profits.

This video is a good example. The music is great. If you want to cry happy tears, here is one to watch.

When I spoke to Stacy, Hanna’s mom, it was music to my ears. I am looking forward to meeting them this month in Cleveland. She is a member of our Cleveland Connections to Natural Food and Health.

Here is what Stacy and Hanna would like you to know:

“Autism is an epidemic and for us a long journey. My hope is that this video will bring hope to other families as well as encourage people to educate before they vaccinate “

One response to “VIDEO–Hope for Autism– Healing is Happening

  1. Autism can be treated in so many ways. If diagnose at its early stage the better. There are therapies that can help an autistic child to cope with its surroundings.

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