Audio– Town Forum on Ohio Animal Care Law–Issue 2

Proposed Ohio Animal Care and Feeding Laws

donttreadJoe Bozzi, Director of the Ohio Freedom Alliance submitted this Audio of the Town Forum on Issue 2/Columbus, Ohio. Guests were the Farm Bureau, Ohioans Against Constitutional Takeover, Tim Wightman (Farmer), Buckeye Institute and others. (In my opinion, the Vote No/Freedom folks out shined the Vote Yes folks.)

Listen to the Town Forum:

I would like to also introduce you to the sponsor and host of the Forum –Ohio Liberty Council.

The Ohio Liberty Council was initiated by members of local Tea Party groups, 912 groups, the Ohio Freedom Alliance, and the Campaign for Liberty in June 09.  It was conceived as a way to get all liberty minded groups and individuals in Ohio connected and communicating on issues and activities.  But more importantly we seek to create concerted action among all these groups in Ohio.  By working together we can be more successful and  achieve real results to protect and promote liberty in Ohio.

The video will be available tomorrow.

One response to “Audio– Town Forum on Ohio Animal Care Law–Issue 2

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