Farm and Food Monopoly Cards Are Here! – STOP Issue 2


Farm and Food Monopoly Cards to DEFEAT Ohio Issue 2– Animal Care and Feeding Laws.

Due to demand, the Monopoly Cards are now here. These cards are being distributed in stores, at meetings and events and on the internet.

SHARE this with your social networks, email lists, blogs and websites so they too can have these fun and nifty Farm and Food Monopoly Cards. GO. Or, you can just simply give them this shortlink:

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Grab them. Print them. Hand out stacks to family, farm, food and freedom lovers for distribution, health food stores, farm stores, meetings and events, churches and other points of mass distribution–everyone even the stores and churches, can print these off. More instructions to come and follow the comments.

(Click the HOT BUTTON logo above for the latest and hottest commentary on the truth about Issue 2 and signs, posters and flyers–even car window signs that can also be used as bumper stickers.)

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Play your cards to win this battle!

You can PERSONALIZE the card or if you can improve on them for your specific application, a modifiable version is available in a word processing format.

Now watch in real time, the cities and towns in Ohio and around the U.S. where hits are being made with this arsenal of informational weapons. Go to the live monitoring page here.

Get your NO on Issue 2 Car signs, Flyers and Hot Buttons from our arsenal at the Ohio Command Operations Center.

See all Issue 2 articles: Animal Farm 2009, the article Command Operations Center, and Why Small Farm Groups Oppose Issue 2.

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3 responses to “Farm and Food Monopoly Cards Are Here! – STOP Issue 2

  1. What was the verdict in the Manna Storehouse case? There was zip about it in the Lorain newspaper.

  2. Besides sending the article out to my e-lists of food groups etc., Saturday I will take several and deliver them to some store owners and group coordinators. After that, they can print them off or have the copied.

    Each person receiving the card (it’s really a slip) has the opportunity to print off the Master pdf from link given.

    Three people have told me they have seen the car sign on vehicles and I know they handed out the Monopoly cards at the Wooster Tea Party. Many others have handed out the Monopoly cards throughout Ohio– although I have no idea how many, but we have had about 5000 visitors already on our Issue 2 coverage.

  3. Dawn and Mike Roberts, readers from Caroll Co. Ohio sent this to the Canton, Ohio Repository and to the Journal:


    We have a small farm in Carroll County where we rotationally graze an all-grass dairy & beef herd, raise pastured poultry, and have chosen to not use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers on our land. We and our customers believe it is our God-given duty to raise the animals on our farm as humanely as possible before they nourish our bodies.

    We are against Issue 2 because more government means less freedom. Period. It should never be a good idea to scare people into voting for something.

    What is the humor in Issue 2? We paid to have three tiny NO signs printed to place along our farm. After all three of them were stolen, we decided to paint a large wooden sign held up by metal posts. It was also stolen right out of our front yard! Isn’t it funny that our 4 measly, homemade signs were so intimidating? We realize our farm is surrounded by the opposite opinion, but don’t we still live in a free country? Our two homeschooled young sons are watching how we, as parents, handle this situation. We’ve discussed it, prayed about it, and have decided to paint a 5th sign, only this time we’re putting it in the field with our two bulls! May God bless whomever stole our VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2 SIGNS.

    The Roberts’ Farm, Waynesburg, Ohio

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