Swine Flu Stats Are In: CBS Says Massive Exaggeration by CDC/Health Agencies

Punch the Hot Shot for the Vaccine Nation Series

Punch the Hot Shot for the Vaccine Nation Series

87 to 98% of CDC Reported Swine Flu Cases are False

Yesterday, CBS News released an exhaustive study that demonstrates a massive exaggeration of the reported number of swine flu cases in the U.S. Analysis of about 26,000 samples in four states exhibiting flu-like symptoms, 87 to 98 percent of those did not have the swine flu H1N1 virus.

Results of CBS Study on Reported Swine Flu

Results of CBS Study on Reported Swine Flu

Watch CBS News Videos Online

I knew the swine flu statistics were overblown or misdiagnosed, but I figured by maybe 50%. This report shows as few as 1-2 percent of the reported cases are actually swine flu. Now we can say for sure this is true concerning the swine flu shots: the cure is far worse than the disease, considering the untold health effects. Not only this, but the stats reported over the past few months were totals– as if they were current: did they subtract everyone that got over the flu-like symptoms in the avearge 2-3 days? Many counties in the U.S. have zero people hospitalized for untested diagnoses of H1N1, yet are frantically rushing to stockpile and distribute the H1N1 vaccines to many points of distribution in their local areas and to educate everyone on just how bad it is out there. The Obama Administration announced a National Emergency yesterday, three days after the CBS report was made public.

See CBS article w/ video

See Dr. Joseph Mercola’s article.

See the Journal’s entire Vaccine Nation Series.


2 responses to “Swine Flu Stats Are In: CBS Says Massive Exaggeration by CDC/Health Agencies

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  2. Use of Tamiflu carries with it some potentially very serious side effects. Public health officials are not adequately warning citizens concerning the risks involved using this “flu” remedy.

    43 cases of serious skin reactions in the United States FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), including 3 fatalities (all adults) have been reported. This includes 24 cases of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (a deadly skin condition resembling acute full blown small pox covering the entire body), 14 cases of erythema multiforme, 4 cases of toxic epidermal necrolysis, and 1 case of pemphigus. In addition to these serious skin reactions, 75 other hypersensitivity reactions were identified from AERS and the literature. This includes 6-anaphylactic reactions, 6-anaphylactoid reactions and 17-anaphylactic shock reports.

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