The Miracle of Vitamin D3

We know that most people are deficient in Vitamin D3. Vitamin D is vital to building immunity. This is one reason why cod liver oil, high in Vitamins D and A, is so good for immunity against colds, flus and other viruses. I have wanted to post a few of the best articles I have seen on this topic, but for now, this amazing 6-minute video called The Miracle of Vitamin D, will have to do. More to come.

See a thorough paper on the Miracle of Vitamin D at the Weston A. Price Foundation.

One response to “The Miracle of Vitamin D3

  1. I’ve been taking high-vitamin fermented cod liver oil almost daily for the past several months, and less regularly for a couple of years before that, and so far I’ve avoided any colds, whereas I used to get one almost monthly.
    Dr. Cannell, if I remember correctly, champions D3 but doesn’t seem to recognize its “partnership” with Vitamin A, which allows both to be taken in high quantities if taken in the proper ratio (about 5 times the level of A to D), if I interpreted recent articles in WAPF’s Wise Traditions journal correctly. I sometimes take supplemental D3 in capsule form but always with supplemental Vit. A to keep the balance.

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