Two Lords: Shall Ye Not Eat Meat and Drink Milk to Save the World?

One Lord: Thou Shalt Not Eat the Meat of the Beasts or Drink the Milk of the Cow, for if you do, you shall surely die.

Two Lords have spoken out recently on the climate crisis. Lord Stern said today that we need to stop eating meat to save the planet. Then, Lord Monckton said two weeks ago that the whole climate change thing is a grand deception on a mass scale, as he has said for many years.

(psssst . . . his amazing short video clips are below!)

Who do you believe? The Lord that says you shall not eat meat or drink milk, or the Lord that says this is a lie?

Here is my Monday Evening Post:

On October 14, Lord Christopher Monckton, a noted climate change skeptic, gave a presentation at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. In this 4-minute excerpt from his speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty, scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009. A draft of the petition can be read at

Lord Monckton served as a policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher. He has repeatedly challenged Al Gore to a debate to which Gore has refused. Monckton sued to stop Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” from being shown in British schools due to its inaccuracies. The judge found in-favor of Monckton, ordering 9 serious errors in the film to be corrected. Lord Monckton travels internationally in an attempt to educating the public about the myth of global warming. A video of his chilling presentation is given below.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article called Breaking . . .EPA Cow Tax: Leave my Cows Behind (which has dual meaning, as in Cow’s Behind—in an attempt to control the weather– because it is a flat-ulence tax) Now, most people, I would hope, now know the man-made global warming is globaloney—since the earth has been in a cooling cycle for about 10 years. That is why the “consensus” was to change the term to climate change, so whether there is cooling and warming we still have catastrophe at hand– so much so, in fact, only taxes and controls can prevent it.


Now from the Lord from the other side (this just out today from the London Times here):

In an interview with The Times, Lord Stern of Brentford said: “Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. It puts enormous pressure on the world’s resources. A vegetarian diet is better.”

The article “supports” the fallacy with this worn-out half-truth: Direct emissions of methane from cows and pigs is a significant source of greenhouse gases. Methane is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a global warming gas.

(What they do not tell you is that the methane generated by cow and pigs is less than 1% than all natural sources combined. I should not mention it, but the Earth and its people and human health and the environment is better off with more global gases emitted—even with a slight warming—if indeed it causes it in the first place. This includes the greatest warming gas of all– water vapor)

Lord Stern, the author of the influential 2006 Stern Review on the cost of tackling global warming, said that a successful deal at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December would lead to soaring costs for meat and other foods that generate large quantities of greenhouse gases.

(in other words, if the climate-crazed czars can use the cause to control meat and milk prices, costs will soar adding to their profits– on top of the new and upcoming food energy taxes and controls. But the cost increases will be “good”, according to their rationale, since people would eat less meat and drink less milk as well as limit other essential activities called wasteful– thereby saving the planet and human life, in fact all species of earth– according to Al Gore, Lord Stern and a host of other global enthusiasts)

The Times article continues: “UN figures suggest that meat production is responsible for about 18 per cent of global carbon emissions, including the destruction of forest land for cattle ranching and the production of animal feeds such as soy. Lord Stern, a former chief economist of the World Bank and now I. G. Patel Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, warned that British taxpayers would need to contribute about £3 billion a year by 2015 to help poor countries to cope with the inevitable impact of climate change.”


If our readers want some shocking (and quite humorous) facts and statements refuting the man-made theory and grand deception by the most notable scientists in climate related disciplines, need only click here  for the  Report with brief quotes from over 700 scientists (There is a even climate change effect for using google—one search click is equal to heating a cup of tea—a physicist recently said.) An EPA scientist also wrote a research report on this and it was covered up by EPA– this came out a few months ago in the newspapers even.

Who is lying to us?

Lord Monkton says he knows the answer here (this may frighten some–but, after all, it is almost Halloween):

The other clips are here:





Yes, Lord Stern and the others on the UN Committees, the earth warms and cools. As the sun goes up and when the sun goes down. It’s the variation is solar activity. In the summer and the winter. The ice is building up and the ice is slowly melting. But, here comes the sun; better cover yourself and wear gloves and sunscreen, especially at noon. Here comes the sun, it’s all right . . .

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7 responses to “Two Lords: Shall Ye Not Eat Meat and Drink Milk to Save the World?

  1. The earth has always followed a climate cycle of approx 1500 years with highs and lows in between. Just look at history, or more specifically, the history of our climate.

    To say that the earth is getting warmer and warmer is a really big stretch considering that for the past 2 or 3 years we’ve been experiencing colder temperatures (which is of course because we’re currently in a mini-cool cycle, having just come out of a mini-warm cycle). Winters have been harsh, and spring has been virtually skipped.

  2. The AP is reporting today that they’re scaling back expectations for the Copenhagen meeting. Might go for more goal-setting & concensus-building rather than a signed treaty. At present, O may not have enough congressional backing. I wouldn’t be too optimistic, though, sooner or later they’ll ram something through.

  3. Thebrandnerbunch

    My comment is too simple so please forgive me for this: They just want control over everything and to make people think they can control the things that only the Lord God our maker controls. Meanwhile lining their pocket books. One day too, even their eyes shall be opened.

  4. Kris Johns, a member and correspondent from Toledo offered this at Ohio Connections to Natural Food and Healing.

    “If you want to give the lie to the notion that you need to give up meat to save the planet read
    The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability by Lierre Keith – powerful writing on why meat, sustainable produced, is essential to feeding the world – written by a former vegetarian who is an excellent writer.”

  5. Dawn McLaughlin

    brandnerbunch..your simple comment is dead on correct. In the end every knee shall bow and every tongue confess the Jesus is Lord. Their eyes will indeed be opened.

  6. I wish to thank Tofu Cat over at Ohio Connections for her interesting comment that has some truth in it. Can you find it?– I cannot respond now– later:

    It is quite apparent that the climate change and other resources are in serious trouble and cannot suatian the current degree of use of animal products for human consumption. Water pollution, deforestation, land use, starvation, can all be traced back to the mass production of farmed animals. The same massive amounts of food and water used to feed the animals could be used to feed the worlds hungry. A plant based diet is the truly suatainable option if our world and growing population is to survive. And the health aspects are another benefit not to be overlooked. There is plenty of research to back up all this information, but anyone that looks at this in a realistic way can see where we are headed if things do not change.

    Lord Monckton and so many others are only in a state of denial based on their desire to not change the way they are living and to not be confronted with what needs to be done on a grand scale. TofuCat

  7. Shirley (Cincinnati) submitted this:

    Actually, neither ‘giving up meat’ nor ‘climate change is a hoax’ give the true story. Properly raised grass fed animals will actually help clean up the air. Here is an excellent video on carbon farming using intense rotational grazing.

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