Manna Storehouse Incident: John Loeffler Interviews Augie on Steel on Steel Radio

Listen to the 10-minute radio interview


radiomikeThrough a recommendation of one of our Correspondents in Washington, D.C., I had the privilege of being a guest on John Loeffler’s news radio about my take on the December SWAT-team raid on Manna Storehouse, an organic food coop near Cleveland. The Journal has extensive coverage on the incident as I have had contact with the owners the day after it occurred and thereafter.

You can listen here now. The Steel on Steel show is on politics, religion and global affairs can be enjoyed only with an annual paid fee. But John has made this 10-minute segment available to the Journal readers as a thank you to me (and that he might get some subscribers also). But you must log in first using the passwords below.

User: manna        Password: manna

Go here and go to the October 31 show on States Rights Revolt, — to play click MP3 or RealPlayer. The Manna Storehouse case is at about 21 minutes into the show.

Any of the shows will be available to you until December 15.

5 responses to “Manna Storehouse Incident: John Loeffler Interviews Augie on Steel on Steel Radio

  1. Thanks Augie ….. excellent interview and I hope it goes ‘viral’ 🙂

    First I’ve listened to that program and awesome discussion several liberty topics, particularly ‘state sovereignty and NULLIFICATION!’ Yeah!

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  4. The Steel website requires a sign-in to listen to the interview.

    Does anyone know where there is a write-up of what happened at the trial? How the judge ruled? Copies of any orders or rulings?

    Didn’t this get any press coverage at all?


    Thank you.

    Lynn Roberts

  5. March 2010:

    “Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge threw out the Stowers’ lawsuit against the state and county last month as too weak to even merit a trial. Burge ruled that the Storehouse not only sold foot retail, but it marked up food to make a profit and is subject to the same regulation as any store.

    The Stowers family filed a notice of appeal this week. Their lawyer did not return calls Friday.”

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