Super 5-min Ohio-made Videos: NO on Issue 2

“Brilliant . . .high quality and impact . . .realistic”–Journal of Natural Food and Healing

Michael Taylor of Cincinnati, a WAPF Coordinator and a member of Ohio Connections has produced this superior No on Ohio Issue 2 video series. Please check out for a few enlightening YouTube playlists.


The Ohio Town Forum video featuring those NO and YES viewpoints was submitted to the Journal a few days ago, however we were unable to post it until today. It is also provided below. You will notice the YES folks are passionate and truthful while the NO folks parroted the tired old mantras.

For more information and tools on Issue 2, go to and the Issue 2 series at the Journal.

Here is the letter from Mr. Taylor–

Hello Friends,

I am making this email so that it can go viral.  I sent it to almost all the people in my gmail contact list.  Please send it to anyone who can vote in Ohio or anyone who knows someone who can.  It is late in coming because Issue 2 is a sly, quickly advanced piece of legislation that is set to give the forces of Big Agriculture (Big Ag) a powerful foothold in Ohio (& a model for the rest of the country) for advancing their policies and squashing their competition or non-conformists, like me and the farmers from whom I buy my food.  We want freedom to raise our animals for food in the healthiest of ways, not more Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).  Become a Flee The Matrix Google Group member here.

This video that I made is not addressing as much as I would like to deal with, but there are others listed below & I must get it out, as we have a vote on this issue on Nov. 3rd, 2009.  And I thank farmers Tim Wightman, Joel Salatin and others for their contributions to the cause.  Even so, the issue will continue to arise.  So, there are principles herein for us to understand and further investigate and expound upon to re-establish and retain our liberties.  Please check out for a few enlightening YouTube playlists.

The people in the Big Ag system are being told that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) wants to make everyone vegetarians.  Well, they may, but their opposition to Issue 2 is far from making us all vegetarians, it is along the same lines as mine is–the intelligent, profitable, healthy treatment of animals by allowing them to be employed on the farm to form a system of diverse agriculture that solves the problems of disease, pests, crop failure, decreasing fertility, economic loss, etc.  Do you understand?  Big Ag is pushing us into further sickness and disease, financial loss, less choices in foods, foods with less nutrients, etc. while telling us that further regulations will help us, when they serve to further disempower us, making us sicker, poorer, and more depressed in every way!  We NEED to reform agriculture and throw off the yolk of the “Get Big or Get Out!” mantra of USDA’s Earl Butz that has been forming the farm policies and Ag power brokers for the last 40 years.

This Agriculture Standards Board is supported by the Big Ag people and opposed by the people who want to flee the grip of Big Ag by providing local consumers with nutrient dense foods from healthy animals which play a role in a diverse farm ecosystem.  The Big Ag people have infiltrated our universities and Departments of Agriculture around the country.  These are the people who now do research and make agricultural regulations that favor the use of Big Ag products like genetically modified foods, terminator seeds, Round-up Ready seeds, and so on.  The next step in the tightening grip of Big Ag is to further solidify their strangle hold on agricultural freedom by incorporating themselves into the very constitution of the body politic to establish their own sovereignty!

A Great Link to lots of videos from a Townhall Meeting on Oct. 19th–the videos are divided into the responses to specific questions from a group that is not telling you which way to vote.  I think that from learning from their information, and understanding the mindset and attitudes of the people who would be on this proposed agriculture board, it is obvious to those interested in liberating small farmers to pursue means of farming that produce more nutrient dense foods that a vote of “NO” to Issue 2 is the better way to achieve this goal of health.

Michael Taylor

Here is the Ohio Town Forum video– there are more if you see the playlist at You Tube:

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  1. This one got a lot of hits in Ohio.

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