VIDEO: Dr. Gary Null's Research on Autism/Vaccine Dangers and Pharma Fraud Exposed at NY State Hearing

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I had intended to post an article on Making Yogurt and The Nitrates in Salami tonight. But, I thought this might be more timely as the U.S. is setting up all the school clinics for the seasonal flu shots– and then be all ready for the three swine flu shots.

Dr. Gary Null really sizzles here. These short clips are the ones to watch and spread around. Caution: You are about to hear the unbelievable– but you know it is true.

Part 1
Flu shots– worthless but dangerous

Part 2
250,000 Dead– 1,000,000 seriously injured ANNUALLY

Part 3
Their crimes and lawsuits
30 Pills: Your Cost: $180; Their Cost: 11 pennies

These clips are really worth sharing with just about anyone– unless you work for a pediatrician.

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7 responses to “VIDEO: Dr. Gary Null's Research on Autism/Vaccine Dangers and Pharma Fraud Exposed at NY State Hearing

  1. Thanks for posting those vids. This is corporatism, pure and simple. Government held hostage by Big Biz, then the both of them function symbiotically, holding the rest of us hostage.

  2. Anisha has contributed this at the news at my post there.

    I am adding the following in support of Gary Null:
    On November 3rd, 2009 Anisha says:

    Here are numerous quotes from M.D.s who don’t support vaccinations:

    Here are more doctors speaking out against vaccines!

    Lots of Great Vaccination quotes:

    SourceWatch — Pharmaceutical Industry. Scroll down to Jonas Salk testifies to congressional subcommittee 1961 admits that all outbreaks of polio after 1961 were caused by oral polio vaccine.

    Just thought I would continue to add to the massive amount of dissent and evidence against vaccinations. They are NOT safe. They are NOT effective.

  3. This is a very important issue, that a number of my clients have dealt with. Your article is very helpful.

  4. God bless this man!!!

  5. Vaccine Nation is a movie Gary Null made. This is Part 1 of 10. Youtube has the rest. (Videos can be embedded in the comments)

  6. Kathy Stockdale of NE Ohio wrote and said this:

    HI David

    Thank you for your No Vax info. If you have not already, please check out these links to find out that vaccinations are part of the problem with autism, but they are NOT the WHOLE or ROOT problem. There are children with autism who have not been vaccinated. Gut dysbiosis gets to the root of the problem and cure.


    Natasha Campbell-McBride with Donna Gates (Body Ecology Diet) on
    youtube: There are 6 parts to watch.

    Nice Summary:

    http://www.kellythe kitchenkop. com/2008/ 09/autism- add-adhd- constipation- candida.html

    Email support group:

    three GAPS websites: > NCM’s website
    http://www.gapsdiet. com > Site of Nicole Dantoni, who brought us all together here, and NuTriVene
    http://www.gapsguide. com > My site

  7. Very interesting. I have an autistic child who suffers from constipation, self injury and seizures. He had his first dpt at 3 months, his second at 6 months. It was during the 6 month old set of vaccines that we saw a change in his behavior and health….screeching for hours, arching back, lethargic, staring at wall..very sad…and all along the doctors told me not to worry..I was just overprotective.. go to you tube and type in autism and seizures and self injury to see other cases that may be linked to vaccine damage…again, I say may be….it’s not clear in these videos, but there’s a book, “families of adults with autism’..

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