HOT SHOTS Plus Antivax Gear: Vaccinations–Don’t Jab Me Bro. Just Say No.

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Educate Before You Vaccinate Posters/Flyers!!!

1000s downloaded from the Journal and at National Vaccination Information Center

  • Powerful message.
  • Suitable for doctor’s offices, schools, bulletin boards or handouts
  • Prints out on 2- 81/2 x 11 pages

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Antivirus T-Shirts

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This educational program and the HOT SHOTs will work through Thanksgiving, Christmas and all of 2010. Again, the  designers only want to encourage people to STOP, learn first and think twice and get education on vaccinations before being sold a vaccine injection.  Tell your family and friends and those you talk to get both sides of the issue including Nobody can argue with that.

Also, have FUN with it—playing a fair game. First, you will scroll down and see what the complete Vaccine Nation Series and Autism-Plus sections. Will you help make HOT SHOTs go viral and create a pandemic of awareness?  Bookmark and Share ____________________________     Subscribe to the Journal of Natural Food and Healing  (free) also to receive your Updates. And consider joining our U.S./Global Connections to Natural Food and Healing group here:

U.S./Global Connections to Natural Food and Healing

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5 responses to “HOT SHOTS Plus Antivax Gear: Vaccinations–Don’t Jab Me Bro. Just Say No.

    Spend your Veteran’s Day handing them out to Vets, Firemen, Police, EMTs and other first responders (first in line– before pregnant women and young ones, and anybody who is sick already– this is dangerous).

    Send the kids to school with HOT SHOTS to hand out. They will outshine the teachers. (homeschoolers can visit school too– during the 15 min lunch period)

  2. Augie, you write:
    “There is much sufficient proof and studies that many of the vaccinations are safe, effective or necessary.”

    You mean the opposite, don’t you?


  3. Your Hot Shots Button…….do you have a code for it to put on our own blogs to link back to your site???
    That would be a nice feature to even further this faster globally.

  4. One lady said she will make T shirts. Another person is using the logo with his email signature. So many have put it up on their facebooks. I have seen two websites using it as an ad.

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