National Stop the Vaccinations Campaign is Launched

This is to notify our subscribers that a campaign to make parents STOP, first learn and think twice about vaccinations– especially the swine flu and seasonal flu, has been launched tonight, after trial runs. This is an educational and awareness program. Go to our new permalink called for free gear: e-button logos, car signs, posters and stickers. Some may be customized for your state or country.

Our focus during the next couple of months will be on vaccinations and autism/PDD and other lifelong disorders directly correlated to vaccinations and potential recovery methods through nutrition and other treatments. However, we will also be bringing to you health studies on the miracle of vitamin D3, nitrates in meats and some recipes too.

One response to “National Stop the Vaccinations Campaign is Launched

  1. Well done David! Thanks for coming by at the Weston A Price Foundation 10th Annual Conference in Chicago. Good to meet you. I am well and truly anti-VAXED.

    Simon B Ranger
    Pres. Seagreens®

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