And Be Ye Thankful

I found that making a list of all the things I am thankful for that I already have (rather than a Christmas list of all the things I want) helps give me get an attitude of gratitude. It can add up to two pages, both sides—just for the big things. So I will write a partial list of things I am thankful for tonight.


Annie and me.

I am thankful for Annie and how she cares for me and makes our house a home. We are

My son Dave playing extemporaneous composition on a Steinway Grand at Richard's near Findlay, OH.

thankful for our property, the garden, the chickens and the nature in it. I am thankful for Bob, our cat, who cares about us and will always knead my back to help me fall asleep, even though I ignore him alot.

I thank God for my son, who has struggled beyond words with autism and other disorders. We are grateful that he is happier than ever and loved and well-cared for at a special group home. We are thankful that lately we have been given help by many in our network that have offered to assist in a special designed nutritional healing plan and study. All we had to do was ask.

Looking East in my Backyard

I am thankful I have a job in my profession and work around good people. It allows me to meet and help people in manufacturing deal with some of their problems and learn things to help me in my real work at night.


Martha, Noah and Mary

We are so very thankful for the abundance of real, local farm food close by; that we have very special relationships with our farmers, especially that we are near the biggest Amish region in the world. We are thankful for our family-run importers of coconut oil, spices, herbs and teas and such from small family farmers over the world; and the purveyors of convenient healthy foods. We are glad to have a no-cost, no-maintenance orchard with all the grapes we can use next door. We are grateful for all those who helped us over the past six years that taught us about real food, how it is produced and how to make it and share it with others.

I am thankful for all of the interesting, intelligent and talented people we have come across in the past two years, be they moms, doctors, nutritionists or farmers, food processors or other people who want to learn a better way of eating for health. I am grateful for these people for how they give so much and how they have enriched my life.

I am very grateful to be able to integrate all the Meetups, Facebook groups and the Journal (WordPress) to help connect people in Ohio and the U.S. to better health through nutrition. I have gratitude that each day something special happens through these relationships that helps me, my wife or my son and that I can pass it on to others–and together we can be better and stronger.

I am thankful to God who abundantly blesses me each day (if I let Him) in more ways than I understand and who gives me greater wisdom and unlocks more of the secrets of His Word so that I can share that also with others at the right times and the right places.


The RealFoodMedia bloggers

There are the real little things that add up, too. I am glad my toe I fractured is healing, two authors sent me their new books, the garden is put to bed, I am having some tea right now, the chickens all laid eggs today, and winter is coming for a time to rest, relax and write, read and think some more.

“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.” Colossians 3:15

Jackie Stowers sent us this about 10 minutes after this article was posted. Sit back, relax and enyoy this 2-minute inspirational show: The Joy Movie

What things are you thankful for? Write a sentence, a paragraph or an essay if you like.


David Klein, Publisher of Farmers Magazine, telling stories about bees, birds, sun-powered horses and brown Jersey cows about his organic farm.

First Ohio Raw Milk Conference at Honey Run-Holmes Co.

Simon Organic Farm--Stark Co. Ohio

Free Grapes--Free Labor-Next Door

Flag Raising with Friend Bud, Retired Navy/Pentagon

Stockdale Family Band-- Tuscarawas Co. Ohio-- Tea Party

Homeland Security Members Waiting to Take Augie Away in an Amish Buggy Looking for the Raw Milk at the General Store Open House in Canal Fulton, Ohio

With the Barthalomae's at Alliance Farmers Market.

Ohio ladies at Chicago WAPF Conference Immunized by the Anitvax Stickers

10 responses to “And Be Ye Thankful

  1. Jackie Stower sent us this within about 10 minutes after this post.

    Annie will chime in in the morning.

    Kimme of the Nourishing Gourmet posted her Personal Story of Thankfulness today at the Journal through our feed:

  2. Wayne just sent this on Thanksgiving and his thoughts:

  3. The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and Pete Kennedy just sent this to my inbox:

  4. It’s always good to step back and appreciate what we have. It’s all too easy to take the good things for granted. Even though we may not have everything we want, we all have much to cherish.

    I’m thankful I have access to some great raw Jersey milk 🙂

  5. Love your web site. Love your son’s Steinway!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

    • The grand piano is Richard’s. He is a composer whose son also composes and plays in civic symphony orchestras.

      What a vision you had to establish a model home and organization to create more model homes for autistics and the disabled.

  6. I am Thankful for living in Grace with all of the Lord’s Provision, too numerous and amazing to list. I pray to be an instrument of His Peace.
    I have endless raw milk and a fertile farm and know that He will Provide this for his kids!

  7. I echo your remarks, Dave–you covered it all! I would just underline peace. For me, peace is the glue that makes my life joyous.

  8. Absolutely beautiful Dave!! So blessed to see my Annie. Makes me cry. And to see David whom I’ve never seen before. I’m abundantly thankful to be in contact with you two again.

  9. Augie,
    Thanks for all YOU do for people in Ohio who want to eat whole, real food so we can be whole, healthy people!

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