Raw Milk Myths: Prisoners of Pasteurization

Here is a fresh article on the myths about raw milk and pasteurized milk. Dr. Josh Axe, the author, is a health and fitness trainer and travels with U.S. Olympic swim and wrestling teams. He quotes many in the medical and health profession attesting to the tremendous benefits of drinking clean, raw milk from naturally raised cows. Here is an excerpt:

Got milk? It does a body good, right? Milk is likened to a super-food. In fact, it is considered a nearly perfect food because of its abundance of protein (which contains all of the essential amino acids), carbohydrates, fats and array of vitamins.

The Masai tribe in Africa consume up to 7 quarts of the stuff a day and have virtually no heart disease, diabetes, arthritis or atherosclerosis. The French eat plenty of cheeses, creams and other dairy products and have one of the lowest rates of coronary heart disease among industrialized nations.

So what’s all the hubbub about?

Raw milk is nearly a perfect food: not pasteurized. In fact, pasteurized milk has been linked to osteoporosis, heart disease, allergies, arthritis and other disorders due to calcium deficiency.

That’s not the message you’ll hear from the FDA. Raw milk sales have been banned in 23 states. It is illegal for it to cross state lines, in some states it can only be sold from a farm as pet food and 17 states forbid its sale in any manner.

A Maryland state health official told Thomas Bartlett, author of The Raw Deal, that selling raw milk was as bad as selling marijuana and compared raw milk producers to heroin dealers.

How can this be? How can we have gone, in just a couple of generations, from believing milk is a wholesome source of nutrition to considering it a health risk?

Melanie DuPuis, author of Nature’s Perfect Food: How Milk Became America’s Drink says “Americans care more deeply about milk than anything else they consume, precisely because of all it has come to represent.”

What milk has come to represent is dual: both dangerous and vital. We have been indoctrinated to believe that milk is necessary, nutritious: a national resource. We have also been led to believe that it is only safe if it is boiled, broken down, doctored up and made unnatural.

John Robbins, author of May All Be Fed, writes “The modern-day Bessie is now bred, fed, medicated, inseminated, and manipulated for a single purpose—maximum milk production at a minimum cost.”

The truth of the matter is that corporate powers are behind much of what we believe about milk. Health is not what concerns them, profit is. They have done their best to ensure that profit by disseminating false information and lobbying government agencies to do the same.

The three biggest milk myths are:

* Pasteurized milk is safe while raw milk is dangerous.
* There is no nutritional disparity between pasteurized milk and raw milk.
* Pasteurization is in everyone’s best interest

See Parts 1 of the Raw Milk Myths at Dr. Josh Axe’s blog. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is coming soon.

6 responses to “Raw Milk Myths: Prisoners of Pasteurization

  1. And it tastes, when chilled, just like melted ice cream without quite as much sugar. When used to make ice cream with “real” vanilla, it is manna from heaven. Soooo, naturally the government would not want you to have it. Ironically, they (the FDA) see absolutely nothing wrong with “some” melamine in powdered milk products imported from China….

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  3. I concur with Wayne above. In fact, for a quick treat I’ll stir a little pure vanilla into a glass of cold raw milk – delicious.

    And the idea of comparing raw milk to drugs? Ludicrous. People who make claims such as that must absolutely lack to ability to seek genuine and accurate information.

    • Wow! “Lack to ability”. Did I miss something? I’m a patient of Dr. Josh and I have a glass of “raw milk” twice a day. I have to buy it illegally from a local farmer, but I drink it.
      I didn’t get the “Lack of ability” as you did. Reading it word for word

      “It was also reported that children who drank raw milk became resistant to contracting tuberculosis. Over the course of 5 years, 14 cases of tuberculosis occurred in children who drank pasteurized milk while only 1 case occurred in those who drank raw.”

      · cats fed pasteurized milk showed “lessened reproductive efficiency,” “skeletal changes” and “the kittens presented deficiencies in development”
      · 13 cats fed pasteurized milk all died within several months
      · cats fed raw milk remained disease-free, fertile and healthy for several generations

      Correct me please if I’m wrong, but you jerked that knee without ‘Seeking genuine and accurate information’.

  4. Milk -especially goat milk-is amongst the most maligned foods in the country. Since goat milk is considered “non-ddairy”, why is it subject to all the dairy regulations. We have been drinking and selling raw goat milk for nearly 20 years and really resent being compared to heroin dealers.

  5. 18 months ago, I fainted, and when I hit the floor I broke my jaw. Once it was wired shut, the surgeon told me the biggest risk is one of general health: that a typical patient loses 25 pounds or more. I started my ordeal at 115 pounds (I’m 45 years old and 5 foot 6), so I knew that just couldn’t be allowed to happen. He wanted me to drink 8 cans a day of Ensure. Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients? There is so much sugar, so many artificial ingredients, and such a nasty residue afterwards on your mouth and teeth (obviously you can’t brush your teeth with your jaw wired shut). Within a few days I trashed all the Ensure, and switched to eggnogs made from 4 whole eggs and three cups of heavy cream — these were REAL pasture-raised eggs, and REAL raw grass-grazed jersey cream. This meal would hold me 2.5 hours before I got hungry again. Later I switched to straight colostrum: three cups of RAW REAL colostrom would keep me feeling full for five hours. Over the six weeks I only lost 8 pounds, and I actually gained muscle mass. By the way, I’m a farmer who works 15 hours a day. In town working as an engineering manager for Intel Corporation, I had terrible allergies and asthma, and took prescriptions for stomach acid, preventive steroid inhalers to prevent asthma attacks, albuterol inhalers to stop attacks, acne medicine (in my 30’s!), ambien for insomnia, midrin for frequent headaches, and seldane and a string of similar medications for allergies. Oh, and my cholesterol was 420, with a LDL:HDL ratio of 3:1. Then I “bought the farm,” and three years later I take *NO* prescription drugs, have not reached for any asthma inhalers even once in more than a year, and my cholesterol is 240 with a HDL:LDL ratio of almost 4:1. Ask yourself: who is making money when I am taking so many prescription drugs? Note that this question has the same answer as: who makes money when I am eating a diet of processed factory foods? Why is it the “food and drug” administration, rather than two separate and independent administrations? My own mother can’t tell me what I can and cannot eat … so why can my government? And finally, if I am aware of all these issues, how is it possible for me to sit on the sidelines and not be an activist?

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