Another Raw Milk Undercover Sting: State Sues Family

 This just in . . .

. . . my Twitter has paid off again. My rawmilk list provided me with the latest news from LaClede County, MO. This is one of many assaults on family farms by the government agencies that say they are out to protect us from the dangers of real food. But many family farmers are standing right up for their rights to eat the food they produce and trade it with others. The AG and the health department have another sting coming. Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund is already on the case.

 From the News-Tribune:

Can you believe the government’s doing undercover milk stings? 

Did the state really have to sue over this?

Is this a wise use of thinly stretched, taxpayer-funded resources?

Those kinds of questions spring from a News-Leader story last Sunday about a crackdown over the way a Laclede County couple distributes raw milk.

Two undercover investigators with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department allegedly caught two of the couple’s daughters on two occasions selling a gallon of milk each from a Springfield parking lot. Charges followed in municipal court.

Piling on, the state Attorney General’s Office used the health department’s information to file a lawsuit seeking an injunction against Armand and Teddi Bechard of Conway.

Wasn’t the health department complaining just the other week about a lack of manpower?

Doesn’t Attorney General Chris Koster have a whole raft of complaints sitting on his desk about tainted lake water?

Why is the government crying so loudly over a little sold milk?

Read the whole story and the opinion of the today’s Sunday local newspaper along with the current count of 54 comments.

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4 responses to “Another Raw Milk Undercover Sting: State Sues Family

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  2. Wow wow wow. This is so wrong. Thanks for bringing this story to light. The FDA and local health departments have a lot to answer for. And now a state attorney general is going after raw milk dairies?? Shameful, shameful. Where is our food freedom?

  3. jeanmarie…food freedom, indeed ALL our freedoms, will only be ours again when we TAKE them back.

  4. It’s especially insulting to think that in times like this, with bad credit and debt all over the nation, somehow our government thinks it’s a good idea to come in, Nanny-State style, and try to tell us we can’t drink MILK. Should they be telling us what kind of clothes to wear? What car to drive?


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