Raw Milk Wars: Wisconsin Rally/Court Hearing/Workshop

NOTE: The national one-minute raw milk survey, originally posted on this page, is now moved here.


 This  is a full-day event live with newspapers and videographers and movie producers (even on-the-scene live bloggers) .

The top raw milk GUNS will be there (the heavy hitters) for the MAX KANE trial and rally/lectures/dinner.

Statewide newspapers are covering  the story and area TV may be there. This is a national event for Dec 21.  

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Top national raw milk advocate speakers also with POTLUCK dinner of farm food!   


DECEMBER 21, 2009 COME MAKE THE PILGRIMAGE to our Raw Milk Day of Events and Court House Rally! in Viroqua Wisconsin, AND HELP DEFEND OUR RIGHTS IN COURT!   

Raw Milk Freedom Court Steps Rally — (8:30am – 10:25am)   

Vernon County Judge
400 Court House Square St
Viroqua, WI 54665-1555   

For more details, including the info on the speakers and the case, go to the site to personally RSVP yes, no, maybe  to the event CLICK KERE.    

The US Raw Milk Wars are a direct pre-Christmas attack on small farms throughout the US (known in Georgia, Wisconsin, Missouri, South Dakota, California, Pennsylvania–even Canada– and in other states–like the Ohio Manna Storehouse Raid last Christmas). These are coordinated and simultaneous assaults by states backed by the USDA, FDA and state and federal health agencies AND their corporate partners (they keep boasting about) ! Apparently it is their way of saying Merry Christmas.   

Some of the Well-Nourished Food and Food Politics Journalists Who Say Raw Butter is Better and Raw Milk Rocks (Augie is not in the picture but met them all in Chicago at the WAPF National Conference)

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Also take the NATIONAL ONE-MINUTE RAW MILK SURVEY  now moved here.


9 responses to “Raw Milk Wars: Wisconsin Rally/Court Hearing/Workshop

  1. People might try to reach Anna Sofia Joanes, the director of “Fresh,” and the director of Food, Inc. to ask for them to put out word through their lists to food groups across the country that local farmers are being attacked.

    People might also reach Michael Pollan so he is aware that the government is staging a concerted attack now to try to wipe out non-corporate dairy farming, using “food safety” as the weapon, and perhaps write about it. No one is complaining about raw milk, but the opposite – people are demanding it, yet states are working on working on behalf of corporations to try to get rid of it. Meanwhile people ARE complaining about CAFOs, tainted meat from corporate slaughterhouses, GMOs pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics and the states are doing nothing about a single one of them though all dangerous or even deadly.

    People might also contact the ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the National Lawyers Guild, and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee so that legal groups which not usually deal with agriculture will be aware that there are the most serious civil rights of all being violated there – around the right to eat and provide food to others.

  2. People might want to organize state by state, like some have, develop their groups and networks. Then they might want to identify friends and supporters on the inside of those agencies– and work together with them– to limit the “progress” the others in those agencies toward destroying what is left of a genuine farming system that sustains families health.

  3. Cincinnati/Dayton and other Ohioans/Hoosiers :

    If you are interested in going to this contact Michael Taylor at (513) 553-9868. He is trying to get a bus leased.


    Shirley– one of the Journal’s Ohio Correspondents

  4. It takes a LOT more than this – we’ve been attending hearings and staging support rallies for several YEARS already. PA… MI… GA… OH… now WI.

    BE SURE TO GO!!!!! And if you can’t go – call… write…fax… email (or do all of the above!) Tell everyone you know.

    These things need LOTS of bodies. Just as with the tea parties and 9-12 protest – we need to let them know we are many, we are everywhere and we are serious.

    The more backlash they get on EVERY attack, the more seriously they will be forced to take us.

    Small, Amish and family farmers in Wisconsin are coming under attack in myriad ways – with 7 Premise registration (2 currently in court) cases as well as the “raw” milk garbage.

    Wisconsin and DATCP are the testing grounds to see just how far these USDA/FDA and other fed cooperative agreements will be allowed to go, how far they can push us into the corporate food chain, and how much crap we’re all going to put up with when it comes to relieving us of our rights to choose what foods we wish to consume.

    They are the MAIN battleground for NAIS. They are among several for FRESH milk issues.

    What happens in Wisconsin WILL affect all 49 other states and all US territories as well as tribal governments. I don’t care WHAT laws are in place in various states – they mean diddly squat.


    Because these are bureaucracies taking our rights – not legislatures. The politicians are GIVING our futures to people who are NOT accountable to us!!!

    Legislators turn the other way, hand over authority to the agencies, and THEN legislate.


    For anyone that has actually studied the FRESH MILK issue, this isn’t about food safety or anything remotely related. Its about OUR RIGHT to eat food of our own choosing rather than be slammed into the feedlot of forced corporate consumption.

    If we allow it on one single point, they have the basis to attack on all fronts, some of which they are already doing with NAIS and other “safety” crap.

    (AND DON’T fall for Rosa DeLauro’s recent FIRST-EVER call for USDA to close a Cargill plant (Beef Packers, Inc) – its yet another smokescreen to make people thing S 510 is the Godsent answer to food recalls.)

    If you can’t get to Wisconsin, please make double-sure they still know how you feel!!

    Tell the lobbyists and lawyers that want you to stay home to go play in another sandbox. This is our ability to choose our food, not their $5000 play-toy.

    LOTS of cool heads with firm convictions and a decided unwillingness to compromise or give one single more inch will win the day.

    Keep it civil, but make the point.

    PUSH BACK. It works.

    Sue Diederich

    • WOW Sue, very well said. There is a lot of folks out there that would call or write if someone can post the link to the names and numbers. Just have a fax athon and phone a thon— it should be free for most. A handwritten note stapled to a typed form letter or fact sheet would be nifty.

      If you can find the pro milkers and real food and freedom lovers inside those silly agencies– giving them the right info and ammo would be fun to sit back and watch them fight internally and then get the reports– after all it is public information!

  5. It also helps to know your local bureaucrats, especially your sheriff. Regardless of what lousy laws are passed, there’s always a way.

  6. I too am being lynched by Rod Nuelstein, Steve Ingham, Tom Lietzke, Cheryl Daniels and Jackie Owens, aka “The Food Safety Hit Squad”.

    I will sure be there — and hope if it comes to it — how about 100x the people at Max’s trial come on down to Madison to the State’s lynching of me.

    Max — you are a good man and we stand with you. Looking forward to the 21st!

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  8. Jan 31st 010, A little late for the WI Rally, Just found out formaldehyde is used in processed Cow milk.
    No wonder Commercial Moo products have become my arch enemy. Was poisoned at work by Wood alcohol; The Chemical chain is, Methanol, Formaldehyde, Formic acid. (used in Bee Hives to kill the Varoa mite) Goat & sheep products are fine. No reaction, suffered MELAS, (mitochondrial encephalopathy, lactic acid stroke like symptoms) from +++ lactate levels,also Fibromyalgic pain. IDI, my coin for Ingestion, Dermal, Inhalation; whatever the route of X-P or intake of Formaldehyde, it metabolizes to Lactic acid in all the cells of the body creating FM pain, and possibly MELAS.
    Moo Dairy allergy at its finest… Is this why there is so much Lactose intolerance ??? formaldehyde in commercial milk ??? The work exposure was Pulp Mill emissions…

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