National One-minute Raw Milk Survey (NORMS)

Well-nourished Real Food Media food journalists all say real butter is better and raw milk rocks.

This survey will take about one minute to complete. It was launched December 10, 2009 at 7:15 pm. The first test phase poll got 98 responses in 36 hours. Those results and charts will be posted later. The results of the survey will be of benefit to the communityof raw milk lovers. We hope you will help get the word out that this survey is available. The first report will be issued December 31. You can post other comments below.

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Now, you must read this inspirational yet heartbreaking story (it has brought tears to the eyes of some I have heard). This is the best story written on the healing properties of raw milk for an entire community started by an 85-year old goat lady and her daughter. It is also the story of how the State of SD Dept of Agriculture is trying to shut them down and all the others in SD! I had the pleasure of speaking to the daughter, Lila Streff of Custer, South Dakota, this week. THIS IS THE MOST UNDERREPORTED STORY that came out this week. Please be sure to get this story out. It is titled State of South Dakota Attacking Small Dairies (it took me only 5 min to read it and I am a slow reader).

32 responses to “National One-minute Raw Milk Survey (NORMS)

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  2. Thanks for your leadership Augie!

    This will be a tale we tell our great grandchildren one day. “Back in my day, we had to drive 3 hours to buy raw milk.” Our progeny will laugh and laugh at how ludicrous that sounds, since it’ll be so widely available by then, it’ll be hard for them to imagine all these corp/legal/political shenanigans. Hollywood will likely come calling to make a movie-the raw milk freedom riders. You can be the star Augie~Brad Pitt’s Grandson can play you.

    • That is quite a compliment, Cathy, especially coming from a key player at the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund–but, once it is found out I am mainly repeating what others are doing, I might qualify to be a stand-in in the movie.

  3. Raw milk is vital to good health, strong teeth, proper digestion, and the maintenance of your overall intestinal environment – which provides almost as much serotonin as your brain. We in California enjoy easy access to raw milk but it has not been without a hard fought battle that keeps us ever vigilant.

    Thanks for the survey!

    • Robynn
      Where in Cali are you; where’s the best places in cali to get raw milk; how about in Santa Cruz?

      • Michael,

        Organic Pastures ( ) can probably fill your needs if you can’t find a close local farmer.

  4. I also write a blog about eating REAL FOOD and making changes one month at a time for a year. You can jump in anywhere. Drop by We aren’t perfect and we aren’t extreme. We just want to be better, more informed, and well fed to maximize health and weight!

  5. Thanks for posting this survey, Augie! I will definitely link to in my post today. It helps to know there are so many others out there who appreciate raw milk and its many wonders!

  6. My raw goat milk supplier has ceased selling her milk due to fear of government reprisal. We have had to go back to the pasteurized kind, but at least it is good organic, which is better/safer than traditional.

  7. It’s unbelievable that we have to make such choices in the “Land of the Free”

  8. I take a good belt of kefir each morning to help keep my digestive problems in check. I have no idea if I could make kefir with pasteurized milk–never tried it. (My grains would probably shriek with horror!)

    • I wish I could get raw milk again. Kefir in pasteurized milk is gross. When my raw milk supplier quit, I tried it in store bought stuff. GROSS! I can’t even drink store bought milk anymore. My health has gone down hill since I can’t have kefir anymore. I want raw milk!!!!

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  10. I just won’t drink milk if I have to buy pasteurized, even if it is “organic”. I’ll cook with it, but that’s all.

  11. I’m a huge consumer of raw milk. Raw is now the only way I will consume milk!

    Please also sign my Raw cheese petition here:


  13. We are in a raw milk desert here in central Wahington since our one dairy went out of business, We are thirsty and suffering. hoping for some one to fill the gap, who will it be? God help us. put it on some farmers heart, Joe

  14. Due to consuming raw milk and raw yogurt, I do not suffer from gastro-reflux anymore and do not take medication for it.

  15. I support raw milk producers, but I’m wary of the dairy farmers who are doing it out of desperation. I know some of them may not be using the best methods. I understand why they try, and applaud their efforts. The monopolies are driving all small farms into bankruptcy. Why can we not do as the Belgians?

  16. Selling raw milk is already illegal in Alaska, so we share our milk and cheese via a goat-share program. Its surely disturbing the way government is so involved in trying to stop everything that is healthy and right about living close to the land.

  17. We are stil fighting here in Ontario to choose what we put in our mouth. Michael Schmidt still has not had his verdict from the court….. They had said that it would be forthcoming in June 2009 but it is now December 2009 and no vedict yet….

  18. I have no idea how much more we’re paying for raw milk — sales are illegal in our state, so we bought dairy goats. We give a regular amount to our pastor each week and when we have surplus we give it away too.

  19. I have a petition on my site for raw milk cheese.

    It would be very cool if you guys could sign it so I could forward a pile more signatures to the company.

  20. Could Joseph Burnett from above contact me? You can leave a note on a post at my blog. Just give me a way to contact you back. Thank you!

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  22. Thanks to the life giving health that goat milk is, and thanks you to all those who make sure that we don’t have to swallow what big Ag corporations want us to. Here in Canada we are helping to keep Canada vigilantly watching our government do things that we do not agree with through the Council of Canadians. Maybe there should be a Council of Americas to make sure that you do not lose all your constitutional rights….many blessings from Canada

    PS and thanks for the RAW MILK VOTE AND A special thanks to Augie…a Merry cHRISTMAS AND healthy GOAT MILK FILLED new YEAR to all from Marianne

  23. Great idea to have this survey – unfortunately, it’s not well designed and wouldn’t stand up to any kind of scrutiny. The options are limited, and the desired answer is implied. Two examples: 1) the options offered for “how much more would you pay for raw milk” assume that everyone answering WOULD pay more – there’s no “I wouldn’t pay any more for raw milk” option; 2) the options for describing pasteurized milk don’t suggest any positive attributes. If this survey is meant to be used to influence legislation or to gain wider public support, it won’t get far … it would be much more powerful to design a survey that’s a bit more comprehensive, balanced and less likely to be criticized as being biased and misleading.

    Meantime, my local farmers are putting up a big fight to keep their right to sell raw milk! I’ll do what I can to support them … it’s high time our governments supported our right to wholesome local foods rather than stacking the deck in favour of mega-farms and unsustainable assembly-line dairy factories.

    • I know it is not well designed for a scientific survey as you point out. If the survey was better designed, the results would still not be accepted and would be criticized– because the deck is stacked. This is just an informal poll– but the results are still loud and clear.

  24. What people don’t realize, is that the pasteurized milk doesn’t take too long to damage our bodies. The hormones and additives mess up Our hormones, it makes our hair fall out, it messes with your hormones and gives people diabetes and makes most of Us over weight. Weight issues today are hormonal, not necessarily from eating like pigs. I know many, many families, who eat very healthy and barely ever eat junk food, and they and their children have weight issues. It’s in our meat, our foods, yes even veggies and fruit, we eat pesticides artificial hormones and God only knows what else they pack into our foods, besides the obvious salmonella, that has been ignored in THEIR foods, sold to us in grocery foods.. If they make money on it, it doesn’t matter how many people it poisons, it will still be sold in stores. But we have one or 2 incidents in Ages, and they attack us, lovers of raw milk and raw foods.

    Do not allow the government into our kitchens. They already have too much power over our personal life’s. When you need help, after their foods have damaged your body enough, after you get so sick your body becomes like the lame cows they feed us, they put you through hell to get it. They make you beg and grovel, strip you of any pride and dignity, just so in the end, they can deny you any way.

    I have no faith in them and these bureaucrats and pencil pushers. They will decide what I can feed my family with my OWN hard earned money?

    Stay Out of OUR Kitchens and Our families stomachs. I am absolutely sure they don’t feed their children that they expect us to feed ours. Boooooooo.

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