Why Don’t They Get It? Maureen Diaz on God’s Food and Medicine

Maureen Diaz is a Weston A. Price chapter leader up near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I met her last month at their annual conference and Annie has her traditional cooking video (you really have to see her new DVD featured below!) She wrote an article called “Why Don’t They Get It?” over at Liberation Wellness, posted yesterday. She writes about when she is at church fellowships where the ladies talk about all the diseases going around as they serve the folks junk food: cookies, cakes and other industrially processed food. Here is my favorite part:

God has supplied us with everything we need to live an abundant life upon this earth. We just need to recognize and return to His nourishing and healing ways! Let’s return to His garden, His pasture. Let us embrace His healing ways; the herbs, oils, foods, and prayer which are our sources of health and healing. God’s medicine cabinet is full of good things! These medicines are not quackery or the delusions of fanatical, misguided people. They are God’s ways, and His ways are always good. Even Hippocrates understood these principles when he declared, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.

You can read Why Don’t They Get It? at Liberation Wellness.

She has brought to mind that I have not yet put out Part II of Spiritual Meaning of Natural Food and Drink. (Part I is here) Maureen has produced another nutritious cooking DVD. I have only seen one segment– but based on her first video that Annie and I bought two years ago– you will want to have both.

Now, sample her new DVD production call Liberation Cooking.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ask Maureen how you can get your copy: email her at motherhenof9@comcast.net

4 responses to “Why Don’t They Get It? Maureen Diaz on God’s Food and Medicine

  1. I am 84 and my husband 93. We have a 92% or more organic diet and patronize community farmers when their products are in season. I take no pharmaceuticals and my husband is about to swear off some he has been taking so as not to be nagged by me incessantly. This article puts healthy living in a nice religious context for those who think organic is esoteric.

  2. Emily, what an encouraging example you give! My family is young in years but I hope to provide them all with a long, happy life with the help of nourishing foods. Kudos to you and your husband!

  3. Does Maureen Diaz have a blog? If so, could you give the link?
    I bought her video (VHS!) several years ago on Traditional Foods Preparation Workshop. Recently I came across it and have been viewing it. Such a good teacher!

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